9 things not wasting time with successful people

9 вещей, на которые не тратят время успешные люди

Everyone has a different definition of the word “success”. What value would you attach to this word, one thing will always remain true: you need to learn how best to use their time to build the life you dream of. Here are 9 things the most successful people do not waste time.1. Check social dataprivacy every free minute to spend on viewing the tape in social networks — the biggest waste of time. Whatever you wanted to achieve in life, immersion in virtual reality can stop you. Of course, if your activity is not related to this directly. Stop staring at other people’s lives — focus on your.2. Comparing yourself to drugimmediately that many suffer from low self-esteem. This is connected with the first point. When you look for others, you inadvertently compare myself to them. But the problem is that you are not able to objectively compare their own and others life: you don’t know anything about the lives of others, you can see only what you want to show. Compare yourself only with yourself in the past. Make sure that you’re getting better.3. Dependence on foreign mediaslide care about the opinion of others — a bad habit. Successful people do not depend on other people’s opinions. Follow what you want. Don’t worry that someone will condemn you, or lay down for you a negative opinion. If you are not hurting, you don’t have to worry about someone else’s opinion.4. Splitname one habit that takes away precious time is gossip. Stop wasting time on meaningless talk and gossip, better take this time that really will benefit.5. Communicating with toxic lugemise is associated not only with how you manage your time and how hard you work. It is important to take care of your mental health. You are unlikely to encounter a successful person who spends a lot of time with toxic people. He tends to surround himself with motivated and enthusiastic people, like himself.6. Stay in adverse sredneotpusknyh people not only filters people in their environment, but also strives to be in a supportive environment. If you are in a situation that does not bring you any good, whether it’s a hateful job, not the place of residence or life situation in General, will make every effort to fix it.7. Bezdeleva that could be spent on productive activities, often goes off on meaningless things. Plan better your schedule. Every minute must be used with benefit. Of course, sometimes off, but only if it will have its own specific purpose.8. Adaptation to drugima throughout life we are faced with the expectations of others. First, we impose the hopes of the parents, then we are faced with the expectations of society, etc. there is No point in trying to fit into a role that you don’t like. Do not try to adapt to what does not resonate within you.9. Obsession with the past will olivegrowing to let go of the past. Very easy to fixate on the mistakes of the past. You can blame yourself or be afraid that once again make the same mistake. Leave the past in the past. Take a lesson and move on.

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