9 times more: Egypt invests a record amount in tourism

В 9 раз больше: Египет вкладывает рекордную сумму в туризм

Egypt invests in tourism a record amount — $ 3 billion. Such figures, the government has included in the draft state budget for next year, local media reported. The current $ 3 billion – about 9 times more than was allocated by the authorities for tourism development in the past year. These funds will be used primarily for the modernization of tourist infrastructure. We are talking primarily about the hotels in the resort towns on the red sea coast, where, mostly, and tourists. <> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Before the Egyptian authorities could not provide such large sums of money for development, since the last few years, the Egyptian economy was in crisis, closely linked with the crisis the tourism sector.

Yes 2011 the tourism industry was one of the most developed and profitable branches of economy of Egypt. However, with the change of government, the economy and tourism began to take their positions. And four years later in the skies over the Sinai Peninsula in the attack, the plane crashed. After that Charter and regular flights to Egypt has closed many European and not only European countries. Only in the last few years, the tourism industry is beginning to approach the numbers of the pre-crisis period. As informs the Ministry of tourism, last year the country was visited by over 11 million tourists, and it’s roughly the pre – crisis values. This year the number of tourists will be at least no less. Accordingly, the financial revenues to the Treasury now allow you to invest public funds in the development of this industry.

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