91 people infected with the COVID-19 by a hairdresser

A total of 91 people were exposed to the novel coronavirus after their visit to a hair salon Great Clips in Missouri, announced the department of public health county of Springfield-Greene Friday.

A barber or a hairdresser whose identity has not been revealed, has worked for eight days in the month of may, even if that employee showed symptoms similar to those of the COVID-19.

In addition to seven colleagues, 84 customers received the services of the hairdresser, was calculated by Clay Goddard, director of public health in this county.

It is not known when the hairdresser has received his positive test, but it would have contracted the virus during a trip. This worker was based on the may 12, to Wednesday next. The barber shops and hair salon were open at that time.

“The individual and his clients wore masks, had supported Clay Goddard in a press conference. I’ll be honest with you : you can’t have several other cases like this one. It can’t become a habit, otherwise our capacity [health] as a community will be put to the test.”

The public health Springfield-Greene has contacted the people exposed to the virus in this folder and detailed the comings and goings of the barber as a function of time of infection, including visits to the Dairy Queen, at Walmart and a CVS drugstore.

Great Clips is already taking important steps for cleaning and disinfection that meet the public health sector.

Nearly 100,000 people died of the COVID-19 in the United States at the time of writing these lines. In Missouri, we’re talking about 12 000 cases of the novel coronavirus, and more than 600 deaths.

In Quebec, it continues to open gradually the valve in the déconfinement allowing the resumption of private health care and body treatments, and aesthetic from the 1st of June, date in which has reopened the hair salons and barbers outside of the Greater Montreal.


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