A$ 13 fee to Canada Post to deliver a bag of coffee$ 16

13$ de frais de Postes Canada pour faire livrer un sac de café de 16$

An entrepreneur in quebec at the head of a small café did not return to have to pay a delivery fee of $ 13 to Canada Post to deliver a bag of coffee.

“For a bag of coffee to a book that I sell 16,75 $ on my website, I had to add delivery charge 12,93 $ Canada Post. I fell down of my chair, ” said Taïna Chalifoux, president and founder of Di Napoli Cafe and Coffee Queen.

Before the pandemic, the woman’s business was important to Italy pods biodegradable coffee that she sold to restaurants and office towers, but the crisis forced it to reinvent itself urgently to avoid the worst.

“All of my clients were closed, so I quickly put together a new brand of coffee, so that people can order online,” explains Taïna Chalifoux, who gave his nickname to his brand new, Coffee Queen.

But she soon became disillusioned when she realized that the delivery cost of a pound of coffee sold to 16,75 $ on its website, amounted to $ 12,93 $ with Canada Post, Sainte-Therese to Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac.

“My client has paid his or her bag of coffee 23,75 $, because I only pay $ 7 shipping, I absorbed the 6 $ remaining,” says the one who has to build his new business model by taking into account the postage.

More convenient for the customers

When asked why she continues to do business with Canada Post, rather than with the other, like UPS or Purolator, Taïna Chalifoux emphasizes that the State company is more convenient for its customers.

“There are just Canada Post has the keys to enter the block apartments, “she says. There are the only ones who can leave the package near the customer, to the nearest pharmacy, ” says the entrepreneur.

Despite these advantages, the postal service would have an interest in giving a little air to small companies like his, which are stifled by the pandemic.

“Canada post hurt us. They are a major obstacle to growth “, going so far as to say Taïna Chalifoux, who points the finger at their prices, well before the deadlines.

A situation that is of concern to the CEO of the Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec (FCCQ), Charles Billion, for which the delays pose a significant problem.

“Many entrepreneurs have to turn to other carriers and incur additional costs. This situation should be corrected quickly, so that businesses can fully contribute to the recovery “.

Contacted by The Newspaper, Canada Post has indicated that it has at heart the small and medium-sized enterprises, and that it is determined to support them.

“Last Thursday, we launched a tv advertisement for Canada Post that presents our initiative to Think of more small Canadians and encourage you to join us to support SMES during this period of great challenges,” said its spokeswoman, Sylvie Lapointe.

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