A 6-to 8-virtual friends

Un 6 à 8 virtuel entre amis

Our journalists have also all kinds of problems and events in their daily lives. They offer us their personal testimonies, in which many of our readers will recognize.

While the early containment measures to combat the pandemic of COVID-19 have made their appearance last week, I organized a festive gathering and virtual to spend time with my close friends.

With everything that is happening now, I needed to see these friends, to share precious moments with them.

They are like family, and we’ve been there for each other, in magical moments, as in the more difficult times.

To work around the problem, what could be better than to meet via a video on Messenger.

“We will not be able to see over the next few weeks. But the technologies that allow us to have a good time anyway ! It takes a good glass and we’re having fun “, stated the message sent last Monday.

The invitation was launched ! Five days later, we went to the feast in front of the camera staying with us, so as not to spread the virus of the COVID-19, and to survive the quarantine.

By creating this time, I mostly wanted to make them smile. Finally, like many Quebecers, it will doubtless be a new weekly tradition during the pandemic. Our group therapy.

Examples of similar gatherings in virtual multiply on the internet.


From my side, the more the week went on, more friends manifested their interest. They were anxious, and me too. Especially that restraint intensified !

Friday, after work, my girlfriend and I were excited to find our friends on the screen. No traffic to get to the party, everybody is already at home.

The bottle of wine was cool. The digital pad is installed on the living room table, ready for the video.

I admit that the beginning was a little chaotic for some of my friends.

Leonard, age 2, was trying to eat the camera. But what a joy to see him so happy ! Evelyn, 7 months, and Raphael, 8 months, didn’t want to miss the party with their parents.

We quickly understood that we had to close the sound of our devices when we were not speaking.

Stay united

“Health ! “we shouted, lifting our glasses. The discussion has quickly turned on to our fears and the impact of the pandemic on our lives.

A friend nurse told us of the anxiety that reigns in the hospital and the preparations to welcome the first victims of the virus.

Another, a social worker, takes risks in order to continue to ensure the well-being of vulnerable people.

Peter indicates that contracts are suspended in their firm. Barry has had to close its restaurant and try to get assistance from the government.

Charles has mentioned that there is a lot of uncertainty on the construction site.

Louis-Olivier, who arrived later in the line, was discouraged. He had just opened a show room. He thinks losing 70 % of its fiscal year. For the cultural community, this pandemic is a disaster.

A balm

The prohibition to see loved ones hurt. But, even if I can no longer pour wine into the glasses of those that I love – except my girlfriend, of course –, this new weekly appointment is a solid balm on my heart.

During the end of the week, we repeated the experience with our families, other friends. My mother-in-law, who works in an essential service, is isolated the end of the week. But thanks to the magic of the internet, we can see, laugh, cry, be encouraged… and stay united.

Lesson number 1 : If your 5 to 7 are usually noisy, in-line, it is worse. Here, it is impossible to hold two conversations at the same time.

Lesson number 2 : Listen to vosamis and support them ! They ontbesoin of you.

Lesson number 3 : Call your world. It is important.


  • Have a good secure internet connection.
  • Have a big screen to see his friends.
  • Having a social network successful or a tool of teleworking effective : Messenger (eight windows in total), FaceTime, Zoom, Teams, etc
  • Close your microphone when you are not speaking, so that all could hear the conversation, especially if there are children around you.
  • It takes discipline and talk to one person at a time to avoid the cacophony.
  • It is necessary to find the right tone between a whisper and shout.


  • Forget to look at the camera.
  • Forget to open the microphone to speak.
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