A attorney new york is entitled to obtain the financial information of Trump

Un procureur new-yorkais est en droit d’obtenir les documents financiers de Trump

The supreme Court of the United States has imposed on Thursday, a major setback to Donald Trump, by holding that a prosecutor in new york was entitled to claim a range of financial documents of the american president, including his tax returns.

The country’s highest court ruled, by a majority of 7 judges out of 9, that” no citizen, not even the president, cannot avoid having to produce documents in the event of a criminal investigation “. “The president does not enjoy an absolute immunity in the face of the orders of the prosecutors of justice of the States “, she added.

Trump reacts

“This is political persecution. I won the “witch-hunt” of Mueller, and others, and now I have to fight against New York (the ” attorney-editor’s NOTE) “, he mentioned in a series of tweets posted shortly after the judgment.

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