A babysitter in reinforcement

Une gardienne en renfort

The goalie Eve Gascon admits : the first weeks of confinement had given him a respite she needed. However, it did not put time to wonder what she could do to contribute to this, and to watch the daily press briefings of the government of Quebec, she was found. Since last Friday, she works in a CHSLD de Lanaudière.

The young hockey player of 17 years was previously registered on the platform I contribute to and, after two weeks, she received a call from the accommodation Centre of The Assumption.

She donned the mask Friday for his first shift in a CHSLD de Lanaudière.

In 2018, Eve Gascon became the first hockey player to develop within the League de hockey midget AAA du Québec, a circuit for men, the Phoenix of Esther-Blondin.

“I was doing nothing at home and I said to myself that I had to contribute. I had a training last Friday and I liked it a lot. I’m responsible for the housekeeping of the rooms of the patients, ” she mentioned.

Arriving on the scene, Gascon has understood the magnitude of the problem, and especially why the prime minister François Legault repeats almost daily that NURSING homes were in need of reinforcement.

Heavy task

“My first day went well, but the second, I began to hear people say how they are exhausted. They are constantly working in double, because they must do it twice more so that everything is perfect.

“Last week, there has been a lot of moves because people had contracted the COVID-19 and we had to transfer room. This makes me realize how much they work hard and I’m really glad to me be registered to come to their aid, ” said the athlete.

Moreover, it has been a bit of a surprise the impact of his gesture when he began to filter out on social networks at the end of last week.

“I have received many messages since last Friday and I was not expecting that. It made me realize that this was essentially what I had done. For me, it was the lesser of things. “

Fear dissipated

The young athlete does not hide it : she was fearful at the approach of his first shift.

However, as soon as she set foot in the establishment of long-term care, she understood that everything was put in place to ensure the safety both of employees and residents.

“When I came back in the building for the first time, I had a bit of fear. However, we wear masks and visors, and one is dressed in a way so that it is the most protected possible. In addition, we keep a distance with the patients. It is sure that there is still a risk, but we wash our hands as often as possible. “

This experience in a CHSLD wants to can be a taste of a post-career in the world of health care for Eve Gascon.

Depending on how will his career as a hockey player, a goalie would like to one day work as a sports therapist.

“The health field interests me, and my passage here confirms a little bit the way that I want to take. I’m going out of here with an experience of more. I really like it and I will continue there. ”

His skates he was lacking

Even if it will help for as long as she can, Eve Gascon will not pass his life in a CHSLD. Soon, she hopes, she can return on the ice to prepare for his next sporting challenge : to join the Patriotes du cégep de Saint-Laurent, a training division 1 college male.

Once again, she will become the first player to evolve in this circuit.

“I’m really excited that it’s starting. It’s going to be a big challenge for me and I’ll have adjustments to make. I train six times per week. I have weights at home, so I can manage myself and I will often run to keep my cardio “, she says.

At the stop

The COVID-19 put an end prematurely to their second season in the midget AAA, last march.

After presenting a record of 6-9-1 last year, at age 15, she ended last season with a record of 6-18-1, an average of 3.32 and an efficiency of 0,893.

“I think I’ve had a good season. I got more confident and I put myself under less pressure. My first year, I didn’t want to look crazy, so I put a lot of pressure. This year, I just wanted to prove that I still had my place in this league. I wanted to be a leader and lead by example. “

Objective olympic

The young guardian, 5 feet 7 inches and 172 lbs does not intend to stop there. After having tasted the experience of Hockey Canada in December and January last, when she represented the country at the world Championships of under 18-year-old female, where the national team won the silver medal, bowing in the final against the American, she hopes to taste it again.

“It is certain that one day, I would like to participate in the olympic Games. I must continue to work hard and go step by step. I would like to stay with Hockey Canada, ” she says.

One thing is for certain, it has made good impression in last January. At only 16, she won the position of keeper starting for the canadian team, finishing the competition with an average of 1.39 and an efficiency of 0,938, in four starts.

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