A balcony collapsed throwing a family on the street

Un balcon effondré jette une famille à la rue

THREE RIVERS | The family Glitch-Gaboury of Three-Rivers is found in the street and should find a home as soon as possible following the collapse of his back balcony, on the 26th of June last.

“The whole family, we were on the edge of the fire and children playing in the sandbox. Then, we heard a crackling sound and, quickly, the balcony of the second collapsed in the courtyard! Fortunately, nobody was injured, but we were afraid,” said Kevin Pepin to VAT New.

When firefighters arrived, they set up a security perimeter around the building of the rue Saint-Maurice, in the sector Cap-de-la-Madeleine. Then, as the emergency exits were not accessible, they have forbidden the families of the two apartments affected in the building of six housing units to re-enter the premises, and this, as long as the landlord has not done repairs.

“It has been taken care of by the Red Cross. They have offered us accommodation for 72 hours. After, camping. The owner, Benedict Ferron, was only made of wooden planks that are unstable in front of the outer door of the second. It seems to be a springboard of a swimming pool so the boards move. An inspector of the fire service came to analyze the scene and it has not been accepted,” said Mr. Pepin.

In front of the courts?

The City has entrusted to us be greatly concerned for the safety of the residents. The communication officer Guillaume Cholette-Janson has indicated that work is done in close collaboration with the service de sécurité incendie de Trois-Rivières and the case is closely followed.

As early as August, the administration of the City could have an extra power. “We are working to develop a draft regulation that will allow us, with an order of the court, for example, to carry out the work and charge it to the owners. We will be able to apply it in the case of buildings in a state of squalor,” said the mayor of Trois-Rivières, Jean Lamarche.

A recurrent issue

According to the Committee housing Trois-Rivières, the unsanitary conditions and lack of maintenance of the housing units are recurring problems. Only in the last few months, some 1,200 open cases, 70% were related to the condition of dwellings.

“You have to deal with homeowners who wish to pay the minimum. And then, often, it is impossible for the tenants to speak directly with the owner. The best thing to do is to enter into communication with us; we will initiate legal action at the Régie du logement,” underlined the coordinator at Committee housing Three-Rivers, Carol-Anne’s Side.

VAT News has tried to speak to the owner of the building, Benedict Ferron, without success. The phone number listed on the lease is out of service. Then, when the team came on the scene, the old man of the thirty barricaded himself in an apartment.

After a police intervention, the family Glitch-Gaboury has finally been able to terminate his lease. She will be moving on the 1st of July.

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