A beer that tastes like wine!

Une bière qui goûte le vin!

Fermented in foudre, aged in barrels and then assembly, this is a beer that confuses and… that we love quickly!

A few years ago, I’ve already told you about this brewer located at the end of the world, more specifically in Val-d’espoir, (hence the name Auval), in the bottom end of the Gaspé peninsula. It is Benedict Couillard, a young thirty-year-old, who acts as maestro. The beers Auval have won many awards, but it is especially the unique character of each vintage that has made the reputation of this microbrewer. So it is unfortunately difficult to get hold of it.

Stroke of luck (if one may say so)! The crisis of the COVID-19 limiting travel between regions, the brewery would prefer to sell on-site to encourage the local economy – the region of montreal, had the right to a beautiful inward last week. According to my contact at the Fromagerie Atwater, he had never seen such a quantity of land.

The three wines offered, this Back-country, often called a Whitethroat, is a beer whose fragrance is delicate and the side of dry in the mouth can easily make you think of a white wine! Tones of flower, honey, rye, rice, grapefruit, mint and oats. The texture in the mouth makes it also think about a wine. The bubble is very thin, the flavors are ample, and the bitterness in the finish brings a formidable buvabilité. All at a rate of the alcohol is very low-4.5%. Unlike most of the wines in Auval, which are usually to drink within 6 to 8 weeks after bottling, the Back-Country can keep fresh for a year.

The last I heard, there were still a few bottles at the Fromagerie Atwater. Otherwise, you can locate the points of sale by visiting the page Facebook Auval Spotter.

Drink less. Drink better.

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