A bench of dugongs preview off a thai island

Un banc de dugongs aperçu au large d’une île thaïlandaise

A bench of more than 30 dugongs were spotted on Wednesday strolling off a thai island, according to aerial images of the marine mammals close to the manatee broadcast by the operational Centre of the national marine parks.

The tourism industry, strategic for Thailand, has collapsed since the beginning of the epidemic coronavirus that has paralyzed the transport at a global level, and millions of Thais have lost their jobs.

But the quasi-disappearance of the tourists on the coasts of thailand has allowed the fauna and flora to regenerate. A record number of nests of the leatherback has been found on the beaches deserted in the country.

Images taken by unmanned drone and released by the operational Centre of the national marine parks also show the dugongs taking the sun in the turquoise waters and transparent, the large island of Libong (south).

These marine creatures moving slowly, very close to the manatee, are classified among the vulnerable species.

Thailand has not always been a paradise for the wild life: the plastic waste affects the marine life and boats pollute the water.

Last year, a baby dugong orphan stranded on a beach in the south of the country, attracting the attention of the population. Specialists of the marine life had tried to keep him alive, but the animal had died a few months later of an infection aggravated by small pieces of plastic studding his stomach.

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