A big name, baseball’s retiring soon?

The admirers of the player’s second goal of the Boston Red Sox Dustin Pedroia will eventually have to get used to the idea of not seeing on a lot of the major leagues.

The manager of the training in Massachusetts, Ron Roenicke, said last week that he had discussed with the man, 36-year-old. Annoyed by the chronic problems at the knee, Pedroia has participated in nine games during the past two campaigns, and there are no signs of a return to action. Rather, it is the option of retirement, which seems the most likely.

“It goes very well with his family,” said the coach during a video conference a few days ago. I don’t want to speak for him, but he is not yet at the point where he believes he can attempt a return to the game and join us. Currently, he is a bit the mom that does it all. He goes to the grocery store and shopping for the whole family. I know that it is not very comfortable with it. I went myself to the store a few times and it is very unnerving.”

“I believe that, currently, he just wants to ensure that everyone in his family is healthy.”

Four-time winner of the gold Glove and mvp in the american League in 2008, Pedroia was inactive when the Sox won the world Series in 2018. In the framework of its fitness, it has declined in January and remains on the tile. His contract is valid until the end of the season 2022, and it must touch $ 13 million per year by then.

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