A big victory of the Ramparts against the Eagles of Cape-Breton

Une grosse victoire des Remparts contre les Eagles du Cap-Breton

Nobody gave expensive skin of the Ramparts of Quebec, in view of the duel against the Eagles of Cape-Breton, a team among the strongest of the QMJHL. The troupe Patrick Roy, however, has caused a big surprise on Friday night, winning 3-0 at the Centre Videotron.

Even if several fans had decided to stay in the warm house because of the storm, the Walls were fi seating was sparse in the amphitheatre of Limoilou to deliver one of their best performances of the campaign. They inflicted a first defeat in eight outings in the formation of Sydney.

The premises have limited one of the best powers of the circuit 27 shots. Besides, to the halfway point of the evening, the visitors had fired 10 shots on the cage of Tristan Side-Cazenave, who has signed his first shutout of the campaign. It has reserved its most important stops for the third-party.

“It’s been a long time that I was waiting for it. It was a team effort and I’m proud of the guys. It was well played. Patrick has been candid with us on our schedule difficult to the end of the season and it was well taken. […] Our defensive played well, the guys were really on the task, and it has given us success,” responded the veteran porter.

Second profitable

Darien Kielb, on a shot from distance in numerical advantage, and Aleksei Sergeev, following an impressive breakthrough, have put the red Devils in the driver’s seat in the middle period. For the Russian, it was their first success since the 9th of January. Water-resistant, defensive then does the job, and when this was not the case, Side-Cazenave has erected such a wall.

“It was a collective effort. I loved our start to the game, it was very good and we managed to give himself momentum. When one does not mark, it is still a little nervous, but we scored a big goal in a numerical advantage in the beginning of the second.

“We were very good defensively, and when one has escaped situations, our goalkeeper has been phenomenal. It was by far the best match of Tristan since he is with us. He made rulings that were quite difficult and it has brought confidence to our young defenders,” said the head coach and general manager.

This victory against the fourth best team of the association Is to inject a healthy dose of confidence in the locker room from quebec, so that the Walls are struggling to participate in the series of the post-season, felt Kielb.

“It gives us a lot of confidence. We went in thinking that we could win and we proved that we could compete with the best teams. We closed the door to the defensive by making the details”, noted the large rear.


Xavier Fillion has completed the mark in a empty net… The veteran Thomas Caron was ejected late in the game for spitting on an opposing player, a gesture that earned him certainly a suspension during the visit of the Wildcats of Moncton, Sunday… “It is a gesture that is difficult to defend which is not very smart […]. I spoke with him after the game, but I will have another discussion with him,” blew Roy… Native of Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval and choice of the first round of the Eagles at the last auction, the defender Jérémy Langlois played his first match in front of parents and friends…

Back from his back injury, defender Dylan Schives was a return in the Walls… a few days of Valentine’s day, a spectator is guaranteed to mark the occasion by asking his girlfriend in marriage on the giant screen at the second intermission. Mademoiselle said yes…

The players of Aces of the Quebec pee-wee AAA, which represent the Walls at the international Tournament pee-wee have been presented to the crowd before the meeting…

Captain Anthony Gagnon and goalie Tristan Side-Cazenave have been the recipients of the third tranche of the cup Budweiser.

03Première périodeAucun purpose.Penalties: Baker (Cape) 19:33.
Second period1-Que: Darien Kielb (7)
(Rochette) YEAR-1:03
2-Que: Aleksei Sergeev (5)
(Malatesta, Truchon) 6:56Punitions: Havlena (Cape town) 13:27, Kidney (Cape town) 18:37.
Third période3-Que: Xavier Fillion (4)
(Savoy) DN-19:28Punitions: Rochette (Qc) 1:04, Kidney (Cape town) 3:52, Sergeev (Que) 17:41, Kidney (Cape) (inc.) 19:28, Caron (Qc) (min. and inc.) 19:28.
Shots on butCape Breton 6 – 8 – 13 – 27
Quebec 15 – 10 – 9 – 34Guardians:Cape Town: Kevin Mandolese (P, 19-7-1)
Que: Tristan Side-Cazenave (G, 14-19-6)digital Benefits:Cap: 0, of 3, Que: 1 in 4Referees:Kevin Maille, Jonathan Trudellinesmen:Maxime Desjardins, Jean-Philippe MichaudASSISTANCE:7 637

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