A bill of a million dollars to a survivor of the COVID-19

Une facture d'un million de dollars pour un survivant de la COVID-19

An American 70-year-old reached the COVID-19 and hospitalized for two months in Seattle (north-west) had the bad surprise to receive a bill of 181 pages totaling over one million dollars, revealed Saturday the daily Seattle Times.

Michael Flor was admitted on march 4, at the medical center Swedish Issaquah to Seattle. He stayed there for 62 days, passing so near death that the nurses were held, one evening, the telephone with which his wife and his two children were making their farewells.

But he recovered and he is released from the institution on the 5th of may, to the cheers of the staff.

His heart, however, has failed to stop a second time, receiving a bill long of 181 pages, and a total amount of 1 122 501,04 dollars, he told the daily.

The invoice details the treatments that were administered and their prices: 9736 $ per day for a room in intensive care, nearly 409 000 $ for its transformation into a sterile room because of the contagiousness of the coronavirus for a period of 42 days, 82 000 $ for the use of a ventilator for 29 days, or $ 100,000 for the care of the “last chance”, when his prognosis had been engaged for two days.

Mr. Flor, who benefits from Medicare, the health coverage of the elderly, however, should not have to get out of his portfolio, according to the Seattle Times.

The gigantic aid plan for the american economy adopted by the Congress includes a $ 100 million budget to compensate hospitals that have treated the patients victims of the COVID-19, as well as private insurance.

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