a bill to tax transfers in France still in the pipeline

    a bill to tax transfers in France still in the pipeline

    A sea serpent. Already in 2016, 2017 and 2018, a bill to introduce a tax on transfers of professional athletes had been submitted to discussions in the highest authorities of the State. At the initiative of Senator Jean-François Longeot, from the Union Centriste group, this idea was brought up to date in October. For Foot Market, the elected representative of the Doubs gave his explanations. “I had carried out this project in 2018, the deputy Michel Zumkeller had proposed it in 2016, as deputy of the territory of Belfort to the National Assembly. It had not passed because there was already the Buffet tax and taxes on TV rights, etc. I asked him if I could use it as a basis for tabling it in the Senate, but it was unsuccessful. As I am quite stubborn, I restart it “, he first explained before developing his point.

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    “We realize all the same that, in amateur clubs, whether in big cities or the countryside, we have great difficulty in supervising young people, in offering them activities, budgets are very tight. I started from a very simple observation: the transfer amounts are enormous, which I do not question, because it is a question of club management. I tell myself that if we took a percentage – from 1 to 3%, it is to be defined – on the amount of transfers and that this sum was paid to the National Center for the Development of Sport (CNDS), that would allow a little distribution better income ”, he continued.

    The idea is that each link in the chain is important. For there to be champions, we need volunteers and educators who stimulate vocations in sports associations at the local level. “We realize that, in the associative world, it is complicated to find volunteers, supervisors and, however, these associations are fundamental for learning to live together from an early age. Not to mention his transfer to Paris SG and its amount, Neymar, one day, started in a small club. The same goes for all our champions, who often started in small clubs, in the countryside or elsewhere. It would be a fair return to have a percentage of transfers donated to amateur clubs ”, he explained, explaining that the proposal was still in the embryonic stage.

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    “I just dropped it off, I have to find a niche to develop it. I especially hope that I will be followed, because I am told that there is already the Buffet tax. We do not see how the associative world will get out of this crisis. I think it would be a nice gesture and would show the interest in helping associations in the field. This can be on a transfer between French clubs or between a foreign club and a French club. From a minimum threshold, to be defined, there would be a percentage deducted. It is still being studied and that will allow amendments from my colleagues. One can for example imagine slices compared to the amount of the transfer ”, he detailed.

    And if some players in France football may find that with the recent Mediapro affair, this text is unwelcome, the former mayor of Ornans, he sees things under a different prism. “I dropped it off at the moment because, when you’re on the pitch, you realize that it’s very complicated for small clubs. Financial, administrative, organizational, social problems … I am not saying that we are going to solve our society’s problems only with this. But I, who was lucky enough to be mayor, believe a lot in associative involvement. I think it is a period, obviously very complicated, which would make it possible to become aware of the interest of the associative world. We tell them too often that we need them and that they are doing a good job, it would be good if they had a fair return ”.

    Amateur clubs, which already receive thanks to the FIFA solidarity mechanism and training compensation in proportion to the time spent by a player at home during his young years (from 12 to 23 years old), would probably not say no to this coup de extra inch. As for professional stables, they risk seeing this tax as an additional compulsory levy, they who already consider themselves to be far too heavy compared to their European neighbors. The debate is in any case open.

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