A bird may have caused the crash of a Snowbird in British Columbia

Un oiseau pourrait avoir provoqué l’écrasement d’un Snowbird en Colombie-Britannique

The crash of a device of the Snowbirds of the royal canadian air force, which has claimed the life of captain Jennifer Casey on 17 may in British Columbia could have been caused by a bird, according to investigators at the folder.

In a summary report released Monday, investigators indicate that,”a detailed analysis of a video sequence, obtained for the purposes of the survey, reveals the presence of a bird near the air inlet of the right engine during the critical phase after take-off”.

“Investigation of the safety of the flights will focus on the environmental factors (bird strike) and on the performance of the drainage system, as in all the accidents where the staff is ejected from the aircraft”, a-t was specified.

The public affairs officer of the Snowbird team, the captain Jennifer Casey, was killed in the accident, while the captain, Richard MacDougall, who was flying the Tutor CT114161, was seriously injured. The two had been ejected from the plane.

The accident occurred in Kamloops, British Columbia, in the framework of a cross-country tour of the Snowbirds to celebrate the courage of Canadians in the face of the epidemic of COVID-19.

“After takeoff, the plane CT114161 has been observed in the taking of the altitude and exit the training, have recalled to investigators, on Monday. Shortly after, the aircraft entered a left turn, followed shortly after with a plate pronounced nose-down.”

The aircraft was destroyed during its crash.

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