A “blank cheque” symbolic of$ 300 Million

Un «chèque en blanc» symbolique de 300 M$

The opposition to the city hall of Quebec city has vigorously denounced, on Monday evening, the regulation of borrowing of$ 300 Million adopted by the administration Labeaume for the tramway project, by giving him a “blank cheque” symbolic.

The advisor of Quebec 21, Patrick Package has denigrated the mayor Régis Labeaume Monday by issuing a “blank cheque” of$ 300 Million for the tram, when the virtual desktop session of the city council.

Councillor Patrick Package has marked the occasion when the virtual desktop session of the municipal council, brandishing in his hands a huge check, format telethon, to denigrate the mayor Régis Labeaume, who thus becomes the ” only elected in history to get such a sum without presenting a detailed financial plan “, he ironisé.

The loan of$ 300 Million is the portion paid by the City of Quebec in the financing of$ 3.3 billion for the public transit network structuring, funded to the tune of$ 1.8 billion by the provincial government and$ 1.2 billion by the federal government.

“I hope that everyone is aware of what you are about to do,” she said, the head of Quebec 21, Jean-François Gosselin, who has criticized the whole of the evening the character “improvised” project ” change every week “.

He also recalled that the City refuses to provide figures broken down.

The chairman of the RTC, Rémy Normand, said the move “disgraceful” of Patrick’s Package against decorum to the city council. The chairman of the board, Vincent Dufresne, was also called to order for his ” beautiful show “.

Earlier in the evening, Jean-François Gosselin had also accused the mayor of wanting to “bulldoze entire neighborhoods at the expense of citizens who have not even had their say, all this for a project at 40 % of support” and cut the city in two with the raised platform of the tram. “We will now have two Limoilou : Limoilou Is and Limoilou West. “

Labeaume unfazed

“Really should I concentrate to listen to the leader of the opposition, as it repeats always the same thing. It creates weariness as much as the COVID. I am sure that we lost half of the world who listened to the council… “, replied the mayor Labeaume, unwavering.

Rémy Normand said that discussions on the costs of the project remain confidential for the moment and take place in the high place, with ” who we fund “. The project is “in the mode of growth” in relation to its preliminary design, which is quite common for this type of big project, he explained in substance.

As for the sector of Limoilou, the advisor to the district, Suzanne Verreault, has promised to continue to collaborate with the citizens who worry about the loss of their peaceful streets and denounced the speech “a disaster” for the opposition.

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