A blessing from the Greek Catholics and Nazi ridge. What does the reinstated Consul-anti-Semite Marusinec

Благословение от греко-католиков и нацистские зиги. Чем занимается восстановленный в должности консул-антисемит Марушинец

The Consul dragged Marusinec won a lawsuit against the foreign Ministry, fired him for anti-Semitic and xenophobic views.Consul-an anti-Semite Vasily Marusinec, who was fired six years ago for anti-Semitic and xenophobic views, is back on the job.

The scandalous decision of the court of Appeal, which upheld his claim to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine for the “unlawful” dismissal, caused great repercussions.

63-year-old Marusinec “famous” photo with a cake for his 60th anniversary in the form of the autobiographical book of Hitler Mein Kampf, posts vs “f@Dov”, reposts of other people’s material, which is justified by the Holocaust and the events at Babi Yar, calling to recapture the territory of Poland and Hungary.

On his page on Facebook wrote that “to be a fascist honorable” and was proud that his father “was a soldier of the German Wehrmacht”.

In 2013-2015 page Marusina on Facebook you can find the entry “F@dy announced war on Germany in 1934,” “God punish W@Dov”, “Babi Yar. Don’t f@Dov in 1941, Ukrainians killed there 1918-1941”, “F@aw – shit”, “Prada past sionista – punch him in the face with a scope with bayonet and butt!”. And he asks God “to give the hat the poles, Gypsies, Madyar”, “not meow for the period 1919-1938”.

Благословение от греко-католиков и нацистские зиги. Чем занимается восстановленный в должности консул-антисемит Марушинец

Marusinec celebrated the anniversary with a cake in the form of an autobiography of Hitler

Благословение от греко-католиков и нацистские зиги. Чем занимается восстановленный в должности консул-антисемит Марушинец

The social network of Marushina was full of anti-Semitic posts, which he soon shut down “only for friends”, and then deleted

Prior to joining ze lost the court

After this information was released in may 2018 Marusina fired (more on that here). A month later he filed a lawsuit against the foreign Ministry.

Interestingly, in early may of this year, before ze office, the Kyiv district administrative court rejected his claims. In the court decision it was stated that in their publications the Consul contemptuous of the Jews, insulted them, praising Nazism and fascism, led the incitement to racial hatred.

Despite this scandalous ex-Consul 11 Nov won the appeal. He sees nothing reprehensible in their views and claims that only expressed my civil position on the events in Ukraine, and his former colleagues-diplomats sarcastically calls the “anti-fascists, who are entrenched in the Ministry of foreign Affairs”.

Moreover, a week before the victory in the courts Marusinec received an archpastoral blessing from the head of the UGCC Sviatoslav Shevchuk. 3 November the leader of the Greek Catholics visited the parish of St. Michael the Archangel UGCC on troyeschina, where he headed the Liturgy and blessed the congregation, among whom were Marusinec.

About this he wrote himself in one of his pages in Facebook.

Благословение от греко-католиков и нацистские зиги. Чем занимается восстановленный в должности консул-антисемит Марушинец

Marusinec a week before winning on appeal in Facebook boasted a blessing from the head of the UGCC Shevchuk

“I’m the greatest delight. Fascist Marusinec and the head of the Uniates in worship. According to Marusinec, it turned out that they have a lot of friends in common and got a blessing from the head of the UGCC. For clarity, added the screenshots where he says that his father was a soldier of the Wehrmacht where he writes and records “death to the fascists” – outraged in Facebook blogger Alexander Voznesensky.

Earlier Marusinec boasted shared a photo with the head of the UGCC Lubomyr Husar, who died two years ago. In the picture for the year 2001 of the Ukrainian Church in Berlin Husar, says ex-Consul, had blessed him.

Благословение от греко-католиков и нацистские зиги. Чем занимается восстановленный в должности консул-антисемит Марушинец

Late Husar, Shevchuk’s predecessor, also blessed Marusina

“Not certified and hid behind the Maidan”

Among colleagues Marusina his reinstatement is considered a “shame diplomacy.”

“Excuse Consul of anaemia can only approve of the idea that Ukraine is a Nazi state. And this is all the more surprising given that the President – Jewish. Here the United States nationalist regiment “Azov” was accused of neo-Nazism and claim to recognize a terrorist organization, and Ukraine is a testing ground for far-right extremism. In addition, it is unclear how Germany will react, which clearly stated that the statements of the Consul unacceptable, and the Nazi theme for the Germans are very sensitive. Solution Marusino will not add any international image of Ukraine, or of our relations with other States”, – told us a source in diplomatic circles.

This was also indicated by Western experts. Last year, the scandal Marusina noticed in the New York Times called the episode “an unpleasant for the Ukrainian authorities, who seek to resist the accusations of the Kremlin and Russian media that Ukraine is dominated by far-right extremist and nationalist sentiments”.

Openly scolded Marushina and Volodymyr Yelchenko, permanent representative of Ukraine to the UN, which tipped as Ambassador to the United States.

“I know this is a real scoundrel! Don’t judge Ukraine by such as he,” wrote Yelchenko after the scandal on Twitter.

Yelchenko was surprised that Marusinec actually got to the foreign Ministry.

“Qualification – zero – back in 2004 was to be released after certification, but hid behind the Maidan – do for nearly 14 years, no one noticed and is also sent to Hamburg?”, – wrote the representative of Ukraine to the United Nations.

The then foreign Minister Klimkin also Zhurilo of Marushina.

“The anti-Semites and those who incite ethnic strife, there can be no place in a civilized society, nor in the Ministry of foreign Affairs. The state Secretary of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine begins disciplinary proceedings. All the details to thoroughly understand” – wrote Klimkin Twitter.

“Who else is counting on something for the new government?”

But the current triumph of Marushina in social networks rejoice nationalists, who congratulate pseudo-diplomat with a victory.

“A wonderful day celebrating the ideals of goodness, honor, justice! Marusinec – Ukrainian nationalist who loves his own and respects someone else’s! In such Ukraine to prosper and our citizens will be happy and wealthy!” sings odes to the anti-Semite his colleague Dmitry Nagorny.

But there are a lot of angry comments from ordinary Ukrainians.

“Who is there still something hopes in the new Ukrainian government? The court of appeal declared illegal the dismissal of Consul-nazistic for his Nazism. Full Sieg Heil, in General,” – writes user under the name Juan Schwartz.

“Article 161 of the criminal code of Ukraine (violation of equality of citizens depending on their racial, national belonging or attitude to religion, – Approx. Ed.) – your diagnosis!”, – written by Ilya Eizenstat, a Ukrainian Jewish activist.

By the way, after the dismissal of Marusinec did not sit idly by and started to “public activities”. A year ago, he “zigoval” in celebration of the fourth anniversary of the nationalist battalion “Carpathian Sich”, and wanted to nominate his candidacy for the presidency and asked him to chip in in order to collect 2.5 million UAH for the registration of a candidate. But, of course, has not collected the necessary sum.

“In January 2019, won all-Ukrainian contest “people’s President”, but was not registered by the CEC due to the lack of 2.5 million UAH. for bail,” wrote he in Facebook.

Благословение от греко-католиков и нацистские зиги. Чем занимается восстановленный в должности консул-антисемит Марушинец

Marusinec after the dismissal zigoval on the anniversary of the nationalist organization “Carpathian Sich”

Father in the Wehrmacht, movement and Freedom

How do I find “the Country” Marusinec veteran of the national movement, originally from Transcarpathia, from the village of Great Rakovci in the Irshava, 50 km from Romania and Hungary. He graduated from Uzhgorod University, Romano-Germanic Philology and 15 years, from 1979 to 1994, he taught German language at the village school, and then went into politics…

In the late 80s, joined the people’s movement of Ukraine, twice tried unsuccessfully to get into Parliament, but was only the head of his native village in 1994. In 1996 he moved to Kiev, he graduated from the Diplomatic Academy and the early 2000s worked in the structures of the Ministry of foreign Affairs. Apart from Germany, worked in the Embassy of Kazakhstan.

Friendly with a prominent “Svoboda”, in particular with Ruslan Koshulinsky (Deputy head of the nationalist Svoboda party and Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in 2012-2014).

“The party and the nationalist wave it and pushed the office of Consul in Hamburg. In his office hung a red-and-black flag of Bandera 15 years ago when it was still not a trend” – told us in diplomatic circles.

Confirmation of the love of Marushina to the Nazis can be found among his photographs on the page in “Facebook”. On one of them it infantry helmet troops of Nazi Germany, with the caption: “Stalhelm I wear to a melon not to, when the boss angry.”

Благословение от греко-католиков и нацистские зиги. Чем занимается восстановленный в должности консул-антисемит Марушинец

The photo in the helmet Nazi foot soldier Marusinec commented: “My father was a soldier of the German Wehrmacht (1942-1944), he was on the Eastern front, the second line of defense of the Stalingrad cauldron on the river don”.

The swastika he also praised and respectfully mentioned Hitler’s name: “Adolf Aleyzovich has nothing to do with it. The swastika is a sacred sign to all Slavs”.

But for her graduate work, writes, “deliberately chose the theme of “Germanism in the dialects of Irshava district”.

In a small country, in the village of Great Rakovci, the Consul told how the “great patriot” flag Bandera and Germany. Marusinec helped carry the remains of Yevhen Petrushevych, President of the Western Ukrainian people’s Republic, from Berlin at the Lychakiv cemetery in Lviv.

“True, some of it felt a little strange. Vasily always wore a shirt, a tie with a Trident – shared with the “Country” a resident of the village Vladimir, who asked not to call his name. – It’s great “shprehaet” in German, the swastika, said Ukrainian symbol. Father, his contemporary, told me that when Martinez was a teenager, he made a copy machine, wanted to become a military pilot. His father, it seems, during the Second world war, fought on the side of Nazi Germany (Martinez admitted that his father was a soldier of the German Wehrmacht – Approx. Ed.). Actually, he was a prominent man in the village, played the guitar and the accordion, “Laban” at weddings in the rural group “Suzirya”. Marusinec couldn’t stand the USSR and the Communists. Still in the village joked that his name, like Chapaev, and he loves Hitler. He just thought that the Germans supported the Ukraine in the struggle against the Soviet Union. And he said that the capital of Ukraine should be in Transcarpathia, there is the geographical center of Europe and of the former Empire Ariana”.Alexander Kharchenko

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