A Boeing-then who knocked?

А Боинг-то кто сбил?

“The international investigation team on the MH17 Boeing published new evidence linking Russia to the crash of the Malaysian airliner” – are full of a variety of media sensational headlines. This formal structure, which includes representatives of the Netherlands, Malaysia, Belgium, Australia and Ukraine, remember, was created in order to get to the truth: what happened in the sky above the Donbass July 17, 2014. To answer the question: who attacked the civilian Board and was responsible for the deaths of 298 people?

And now MSG gives another piece of evidence through the wiretaps of the phones of various Donbass militias and politicians. The duration of summer 2014. Then you and talks about the conflict between the different warlords (which, of course, the secret Polishenelya), and the conversations between the ex-head of DNR Alexander Boroday and Vladislav Surkov on the current state of Affairs in the country, and mention the favorite in the West abbreviations of three letters who supervise those militias…

I don’t know, wiretapping is real or concocted in the SBU fakes. Maybe so, and maybe that way. But Thursday’s audio recordings is not a slightest mention of flight MH17.

You know? An international investigation team investigating the crash of Boeing in the Donbass, published in the wire, having no relation to the disaster. Like the owl on the globe, she pull some very distant newsworthy. But not one second of published sheds light on the cause of the crash MN17.

Why MSG spreads materials beyond their professional interest? They are not the cause of the conflict in Donbass to investigate. An international group of investigators becomes an instrument of influence in someone’s hands. A goal can be very different. From the fanning of the necessary degree of tension in the Ukrainian society – the part that does not agree with the peace settlement, to attempt to disrupt the ghostly looming on the horizon meeting channel four. They say, look, Vladimir, who are you going to negotiate, people will not appreciate. You’d think the sale of the land, it will appreciate.

All this, of course, will not increase the credibility of the investigation team, which is still not convincingly answered the main question: who is the Boeing that was shot down? On your YouTube channel I would with great interest listened to the deciphering of the black boxes, which are classified for more than five years.Alexander Kots

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