A bookseller receives an award of excellence for his outstanding work

Une libraire reçoit un prix d’excellence pour son travail exceptionnel

Chantal Fontaine has been working for 25 years at the bookstore Moderne, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. She just put the hand on the prize of excellence awarded by the Association des librairies du Québec.

This award was presented for the past seven years, highlights the exceptional work of a bookseller.

“I am very honoured and overwhelmed. It touches me truly and deeply. I was not expecting this,” she confided during a telephone interview.

She was not expecting it because she didn’t know that the rules surrounding the price had changed. It was necessary to register, in the past, for the chance to maybe put the hand on this recognition. She was not registered.

“The process has changed and the prize is awarded by my peers. They are the ones who have proposed my candidacy. I am very honoured and overwhelmed. This is a very nice surprise and it is very rewarding. I’m on a little cloud,” she said.

This price is an incentive that will push them to continue and which confirms that it is in the right place.

Chantal Fontaine has climbed several levels in this independent bookstore, located on the boulevard of the Seminar. A bookshop, a general who has seen the light of day in a shopping centre, 40 years ago, and that has a storefront since 2001.

“It’s been 24 years in September that I have been working at this place. I started as a cashier and I am now a bookseller and responsible for purchasing. It is a profession that I love”, she mentioned.

The re-opening

The library modern has re-opened its doors last Monday. It has returned to its customers on Tuesday, after a break of two days, well-deserved.

The client may, after having received the instructions of use on arrival, enter, shots 20, in the trade, which is 22, 000 square feet.

“It is going well. People adhere to all the guidelines. There are in the world, and it’s good to review the people. They are happy to see us and we can see that the culture has been important during this period in the life of the people. This is what this crisis has put us in the face”, she remarked.

The activity books youth, books on gardening, cooking and diy have been the best sold during the closure of the physical trade.

“There are also beautiful things that were sold, such as the complete works of Plato, specialized books on plants, of novels, of the people who bought the entire collection of an author in paperback and many books in quebec. It was between 60 and 70 orders per day,” she mentioned.

Chantal Fontaine has completed, in recent weeks, the novel The kingdom of the blind, by Louise Penny, and she comes to attack A better man, the great success of the last few weeks.

“This is the reading comfort”, she said.

The suggestions of Chantal

  • The box 144 | Nadine Poirier and Geneviève Després | 2019
  • My life of dry cake | Elizabeth Barrel-Lessard | 2019
  • A beautiful disaster | Christine Eddie | 2020
  • The midwife of Scots Bay | Ami McKay | 2020
  • Better to conserve his food for less waste | Anne-Marie Desbiens | 2019

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