A boom in renovations during the pandemic

Un boom des rénovations pendant la pandémie

CHICOUTIMI – The pandemic has convinced several citizens to engage in renovation projects. With the free time occasioned by the confinement, the renovations are increasing in number and in hardware stores, several materials are out of stock, an exceptional situation, according to several owners.

“I don’t know what happens, but everybody is garroche in hardware stores,” says Dominic Lavoie, a regular customer of Canac.

Several have had the same idea: make renovation projects to furnish and equip the free time.

“The world [is] in the containment and, therefore, they are at home and make renovations,” explains Normand Blanchette, the president of the hardware regional Rénocentre RDB.

Deck building, painting, renovations, projects and needs of the customers are many. Moreover, the multiple applications are causing stock-outs important.

“The sale of painting has soared, sales have increased by 45%, this is huge,” said the president.

It is a fact, the shelves are emptying quickly, it is increasingly difficult for the stores to restock with their suppliers.

“The suppliers have been affected, they have had to close their doors during a certain time, we are part of this chain, it affects us so directly,” confesses Norman Blanchette.

For customers, it is a race against the clock: they are many-to-run hardware stores in the hope of finding the missing products to complete their projects.

“It is long, the waiting time has doubled to have access to certain products,” says Dominic Lavoie.

“It is necessary to order in advance, as delays are longer for some materials, it is envisaged also that the prices are going to increase, it has already started”, stated Patrick Larocque, a contractor and a client at Rénocentre RDB.

However, the situation is not expected to change anytime soon.

“I expect that through the fall, we will have stock-outs,” admits the president of the hardware store that is regional.

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