A boxing fan was reportedly assaulted because of her leggings pink

Une fan de boxe aurait été agressée à cause de ses leggings roses

THREE-RIVERS | A former trainer of professional boxer Simon Kean would have blamed the shouts of enthusiasm of a lover of this sport and its leggings pink to justify a sexual assault.

A woman of 31 years who claims to have been a victim of Jimmy Boisvert received text messages like ” You shouldn’t have to talk to me about your crying “, or even ” your fault. Ha ha ha ” in the aftermath of actions which have disrupted.

These exchanges have been filed in evidence Thursday at the first day of the trial in Trois-Rivières for sexual assault of a businessman and ex-coach.

The complainant, whose identity is protected by a publication ban, was found with friends at the bar La P’tite grenouille de Trois-Rivières on the evening of November 19, 2017, after a gala night of boxing.

Noisy in bed ?

At a certain point, Boisvert would have gone and sit at his right and would have highlighted her enthusiasm to encourage the boxers.

“He asked me if I was loud like that in bed,” continued the complainant.

Would have led to a brief exchange in which she would eventually have to answer that it was expressive in all spheres of his life.

Later, the coach would have asked to go see his first gym of boxing in the basement of the bar, of which he was owner.

Highly interested in this sport, she would have followed in the stairs. In the basement, he would have tried to kiss her while she moved her face. It would have pushed the audacity so far as to take a buttock with one hand, under her leggings roses.

“It is enough “

The complainant claims to have launched that it was period for him to loose. He would have withdrawn his hand, but would have entered his to bring it to his genitals.

“I would have had him crowned a punch in the mouth at some point, but I didn’t. I remained stiff. This is how I reacted “, she testified.

She would have finished by telling him curtly, ” It is enough ! “and then the man would have been seized and would have let her go.

The thirty-year-old finally returned to sit in the bar, and the coach would be back later to reiterate his advances.

He would have again tried to kiss her when she left, telling him not to put his leggings roses.

The trial of Jimmy Boisvert continues Friday at the courthouse of Trois-Rivières.

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