A boy with eyes square!

Un garçon aux yeux carrés!

Milo has a problem : while all his friends have the round eyes, he’s eyes square. Worse : he sees everything in pixels. The allergist is formal : he is allergic to the screens and no longer has the right to watch tv, play with his tablet or use a cell phone. How will he be through ? The talented Camille Pomerlo gives the answer in his first graphic novel, The child is allergic to screens.

She is an illustrator of great talent, Camille Pomerlo is off the beaten path with this story rather unusual that invites readers to question the place of screens in our lives… both the adults and young people.

Milo, the hero of this story, was taken too young and too often in front of the screens. Result : he now has the eyes square and sees the world in pixels. His parents take him to consult the greatest specialists in order for his vision to return to normal.

Mother of twin 5-year-old, Camille Pomerlo had the idea to write this novel finding nursery rhymes on YouTube have helped him, one day, to be able to make the dinner.

“They were in the high chair and couldn’t stop cry, evokes it in an interview. I sang songs, I put toys… but they threw them to the ground. There was nothing that worked. I took my phone, I put nursery rhymes on YouTube. They listened, and they stopped crying. I could make my dinner. “

She didn’t want to make it a habit… but soon realized that the nursery rhymes gave him a small respite, from time to time. “At one point, I asked myself how I was going to get to do something, without the rhymes or the tv… that’s how the book began. “

Start a discussion

The artist realized that she did not know what was his real point of view on the use of screens. “This book is not made to feel guilty, but to start a discussion, for parents and children wonder what it makes, and to see so many screens. “

She is inspired by people around her to create the story. Milo is a collage of her twins… and she paid tribute to her grandmother. “She is funny and says things that pass through the head. The reply “Eat the glue !”, it is in my family ! “

Camille spent three years in the writing and illustrations for this project… and spent 204 pencils, ink of China brand Faber-Castell to get there. “I love the format small extra to make all the little lines that make my shading in drawings. I’ve done a lot of testing. It was exciting, the process. “

The author and illustrator Camille Pomerlo.

  • Camille Pomerlo is a writer and illustrator, creator of Pipo illustration.
  • His works have been selected for Artexpo New York 2017, which the jury based its selection on the technique, the innovation, the inspiration and the creativity of the artists.
  • Editions of the Car, she illustrated The Princess who wanted to become a general, on a text by Sophie Welcome.
  • She won the prize for illustration for youth of the next generation of Salon du livre de Trois-Rivières (delivered virtually) for his book published in the Editions of Ysatis, The city’s around the pond.
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