A brave reporter ICTV

“Why aren’t you in the army? Because you’re a coward!”: man from Rubizhne in Lugansk region outdid the journalist of the Ukrainian TV channel ICTV

Отважный репортер ICTV

This is a textbook example of the expression “And one soldier in the field” and live without channel logo just because to show this interview on the Ukrainian TV — separatism and treason.Video in Russian, look a whole, are not lazy. A resident of the Landmark on the dilution of the Ukrainian army and in General about the current Square. MakarenkoLive

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Journalist Dmitry Vasilets wrote that “journalist” ICTV ran pass the SBU of the citizen of Ukraine for displeasing his psychic structure review, which he himself asked.”

“For anybody not a secret that the conflict in the Donbas lit with TV screens, journalists and representatives of the odious and aggressive marginal minority, and as shown with the aim of banal greed and looting of the country in favor of foreign beneficiaries of the conflict in the Donbass.

Your attention is a “journalist” penkovska of the ICTV channel, which ran pass the SBU of the citizen of Ukraine for displeasing his psychic structure review, which he asked!

This more than demonstrates the “journalistic standards” of the channel and the quality of the people who work there, including of course the owner.

If anyone has the contact details of this guy on the video, reset please, I want to control the devil with the SBU started doing stuff. And if you suddenly begin to quickly and greatly regretted it…” – wrote Vasilets.

Отважный репортер ICTV

“Rubizhne. Luhansk oblast. The moment when the journalist wanted to interview a local resident, but something went wrong” – wrote the journalist Vyacheslav was Cecile.

Отважный репортер ICTV

In the comments he asked how are you going to live in a United country with this attitude to each other.

Отважный репортер ICTV

“The farther from the front, the more fighting. You was not here, but you know better than me what happened here. Beautifully washed stupid propagandist ictv” – wrote the head of the tenants Union of Ukraine Alexander Skubchenko.

Отважный репортер ICTV