A break at the wrong time for Fiala

Une pause au mauvais moment pour Fiala

With Kevin Fiala and the Wild of Minnesota, the pandemic COVID-19 occurs at the wrong time.

After a start of the difficult season during which he has been left out twice, Fiala was at the heart of a sequence of extraordinary when the national hockey League (NHL) has suspended its activities.

The Swiss has collected 14 goals and 26 points in his last 18 parties. His club showed a record of 15-7-1 since mid-January.

Thus, the athlete of 23 years has badly lived the interruption of the season. “We were so on fire lately, said Fiala, according to what reported by the newspaper “Star Tribune” on Saturday. If it had not happened, I think that we would have a great chance of the playoffs and we go far this year.”

Question of trust

Acquired from the Predators in Nashville in the return of Mikael Granlund to the trade deadline in 2019, Fiala made a discreet debut with his new team. He was limited to seven points in 19 games at the end of the season 2018-2019, and then to a single point in the first eight clashes this season. It is in February that everything seemed to be put in place for him.

“I was very confident and the confidence has never gone, he explained. I just put on. But I have to say that the fact that the team is doing so well has helped me a lot. My teammates were so good, it is always easier this way.”

Choice of first round of the Predators in 2014, Fiala believes in his talent. He had also experienced a first interesting season in 2017-2018, with 23 goals and 48 points, before experiencing a slowdown in 2018-2019.

“After the ups and downs of the past year, this season has been very, very nice. I’ve certainly never been as happy in my career. I’ve never had as much confidence in me either. So everything was for the better, before any of this happens.”


Of course, if the disappointment is great, Fiala does not question the decision of the NHL, that is for the good of public health. It is now hoped that the season will resume.

“There was never a good time for [a pandemic], but health is always the priority. Then we understand the decision of the NHL.”

“I am always optimistic that we’re going to play the rest of the season. I really hope so. I would be really sad if the campaign is over, so I try to think positively”, he concluded.

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