A brief guide to possible opponents trump in 2020

Who will challenge US President in the next General election? Study the most likely candidates.

Краткий гид по возможным соперникам Трампа в 2020 году

Donald trump will run for the U.S. presidency in 2020. And even though the beginning of the campaign there is lots of time, potential rivals of billionaire are already beginning to emerge as within the ruling Republican party and opposition from Democrats. TASS explains who can challenge the incumbent President.


Among conservatives there is a group of parliamentarians and officials, dissatisfied with the trump and has the potential to compete with him during the primaries. They belong to the “moderate” Republicans or associated with the movement #NeverTrump — those who, as a member of the party does not agree with the policy of the current White house. First and foremost is John Kasich — Governor of Ohio and member of the presidential race in 2016. A politician openly says he is “very seriously” thinking about participation in the upcoming elections.

Краткий гид по возможным соперникам Трампа в 2020 году

Considering the possibility of participating in the race to 2020, the Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan — a moderate Republican who often criticizes trump and advocates to forge bipartisan cooperation with the Democrats.

Senators Ben Sass (ne) and Jeff Flake (AZ) also appear in the list of those who antithrombosis Republicans would like to see in the primaries. But neither the first nor the second have not yet confirmed their intention to participate in the campaign 2020.
Another candidate the journalists called the former U.S. permanent representative to the UN , Nikki Haley. The diplomat and former Governor of South Carolina has said the absence of presidential ambitions in 2020, but observers do not rule out its participation in the race in 2024.

The first Republican who has officially announced the desire to challenge Trump in 2020, was the former Governor of Massachusetts bill weld. The second is former Congressman from Illinois Joe Walsh. The third — former Governor of South Carolina mark Sanford. All three, according to observers, the extremely low chances of nomination as a Republican candidate.


In 2016, the Democrats took in the primaries as a formality on the way for the coronation of Hillary Clinton. This time the fight promises to be more competitive.

The leader of the race is the most likely competitor of trump’s election-2020 — former Vice President of USA Joe Biden. He holds centrist views and still remains popular among voters.

On the heels of Biden attacking candidates, which belong to the wing progressives (i.e., left-most) in the Democratic party. It’s such Senate heavyweights as Bernie Sanders (VT) and Elizabeth Warren (mA). Bernie decided to participate in the elections for two reasons: to change the trump and to implement those policy ideas that he proposed during the campaign of 2016 (introduction to the U.S. public health system, raising the minimum wage, the introduction of free higher education in state universities, etc.). In the middle of a campaign Warren — protection of the middle class and the struggle against the tyranny of “big corporations”. Hence the principle: do not accept donations of large firms. In the case of the arrival of Warren to the power of wealthy Americans to pay for social reforms: the main of which — the introduction of universal health care and Amnesty “student debt” — credit payments for the education. Their total volume in the U.S. equals $ 1.5 trillion.

“You worked tirelessly and you have inherited their wealth — there are no issues. But will pay 2% of their income so that others get a chance” — these words Warren commented on another initiative that is causing irritation on wall street: 2% tax for families with an annual income of more than $ 50 million, which increases to 3% for those who earn one billion or more. In relation to the richest Senator from Massachusetts speaks in two ways: on the one hand, calls himself a “supporter of capitalism” and condemns the competitor to the left of Bernie Sanders, who asked that billionaires don’t exist at all. On the other — accuses the White house of corruption for the reason that large corporations are using monetary leverage, supposedly the subjugation of the American government.

From the point of view of big business, the rhetoric Warren is too left. Through the media, without naming names, representatives of the financial sector and IT gives to understand that will refrain from funding candidate if she gets the nomination from the democratic party. The head of Facebook, mark Zuckerberg even admitted the possibility of a lawsuit against the White house, if in power it will be Warren. However, its ratings steadily since the summer coming up. According to a survey conducted in October, for the Senator from Massachusetts is ready to vote 26.6% of voters left. Left behind all the other candidates, including long-term favourite in the race Joe Biden.

Attention is now also focused on the new names that emerged after the midterm elections in November 2018. One of the rising stars of the party — Beto O’rourke, lost to Republican Ted Cruz in the fight for the Senate seat from Texas. About a young policy, saying: “He’s like Obama but white” — in the sense that he so skillfully won the youth and held a successful fundraising and public relations campaign.In the midterm elections was attended by a record number of women, some of them appear in the lists of possible rivals trump. Among them a member of the house of representatives of U.S. Congress Tulsi Ms. Gabbard (Democrat from Hawaii), and the Senator from Minnesota Amy Klobuchar. However, while they remain underdogs.

But is rapidly gaining popularity Senator Kamala Harris (CA), which is an Internet portal FiveThirtyEight that publish statistics on campaigns, considers potentially one of the strongest candidates in the elections in 2020. It advocates for progressive social reforms, such as “Medicare for all”, and is in rigid opposition to Trump.

Краткий гид по возможным соперникам Трампа в 2020 году

Kamala Harris.© REUTERS/KC McGinnis
Her colleague in the legal Committee of the Senate, Cory Booker (NJ) have decided to run for President. They call him the best speaker among Democrats and a man who expected to participate in the race “literally since 2002” — that is, ever since he appeared on the political horizon as a candidate for mayor of Newark.Harris and Booker came to the fore during the hearings on the nomination of Brett kavanaugh to the Supreme court of the United States. It is believed that both the MP thus launched preparations for participation in the race in 2020.

A separate group of candidates is “you do”, that is, high officials or prominent figures in the 44th Chapter of the White house. Julian Castro, who was Secretary of housing and urban development in the Obama administration, announced his candidacy for one of the first. Businessman Andrew young, noted the Obama Cabinet as the presidential Ambassador for global entrepreneurship, promoting their campaign on the basis of trivial initiatives, for example, promise to pay ten random voters a $1 thousand cash per month until the end of 2019.

Among Democrats there are having a very unexpected candidates such as the mayor of the city of South Bend, Peter Buttigieg — Millennials, openly gay and a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. In Iowa and new Hampshire (States where the first presidential primaries and the Caucus of the Democratic party), he took the third most popular place after Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

24 Nov to an extensive list of candidates from the Democrats added another: 77-year-old Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of new York and the owner of the state to $ 50 billion. Bloomberg is a centrist within the Democratic party, far from economic radicalism Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. In 2016, Bloomberg supported the candidature of Hillary Clinton for U.S. President. Among the current candidates is the closest to the views is a moderate Democrat Joe Biden. It is the difficulties that Biden, whose rating ranges, Blumberg and explained his desire to join the race. To get the nomination from the Democratic party, Bloomberg will have to actively Woo voters at Biden.

However, the chances of success on this path is small. According to public opinion polls, the rating of a new candidate does not exceed 4%. Voters strongly disagree, vote Bloomberg, much more: a quarter of the total. The number of enemies no one of the participants of the election campaign.

Hostility to Bloomberg due to political mistakes made by them in 2000 years. On a post of the mayor of new York, he led the struggle against arms smuggling, which resulted in a massive campaign of arrests and raids aimed mostly against black and Hispanic residents of the metropolis. Representatives of these communities would not like to see Bloomberg as a candidate of the Democratic party. However, without their support the team to win the internal elections almost impossible.

Who has already departed from the race

About the presidential ambitions were declared by the billionaire former head of a network of coffee houses Starbucks Howard Schultz. He intended to participate in the elections as an independent centrist candidate, but soon turned his campaign.

Краткий гид по возможным соперникам Трампа в 2020 году

Howard Schultz.© AP Photo/Michael Conroy
Another billionaire who was thinking about moving into politics — Tom Steyer, founder of investment firm Farallon Capital, has decided not to run and focus on his campaign to impeach trump.

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