A brief return to Raccoon City

Un bref retour à Raccoon City

Willing to put new cap on Raccoon City with Resident Evil 3 ? A tip : travel light, since your stay is likely to be much shorter than expected.

The success of Resident Evil is indisputable. In most video games (more than twenty have been launched to date), the characters of Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong, Jill Valentine and company were quick to go beyond the confines of the different consoles, making it jump as much to the cinema as the universe of graphic novels.

The trigger for the series ? The municipality american Raccoon City finds itself under siege when a virus developed by a multinational pharmaceutical – Umbrella Corporation – is transforming many of its inhabitants into zombies thirsting for flesh and blood.

Modernize the classics

For the past few years, the studios Capcom like to give a cure of youth to the first entries of the series, the history of modernizing its conventional and, thus, allow new fans to discover some of the games that have left the market since a long time.

This time, it is the title track Resident Evil 3 to be delivered to the taste of the day, two decades after its initial release. But rather than a simple proofreading (or “remake” as like to say the developers), talk of a version revampée. It introduces today a new gameplay mechanics, new graphics, and a storyline be reviewed and amended to better align with the liberties taken during the re-release of Resident Evil 2 in the last year.

Is it working ? Yes. And no. It takes a lot of fun here to find Jill Valentine walking the streets of Raccoon City armed with her arsenal of choice. The images are stunning, the game is more fluid than it has ever been, and the new soundtrack adds to the sense of urgency aroused by the plot.

It’s hard, however, to understand some of the major changes made to the starting product.

You have found the T-100 (or Agent X to his friends), annoying in Resident Evil 2 ? You haven’t seen anything. The Nemesis is here still more tenacious, returning to the hooker Jill Valentine periodically throughout the game. His appearances are fast becoming redundant and, ultimately, pretty boring.

Too short

But the main flaw of this ” new ” Resident Evil 3 is without a doubt the duration of his campaign. The average player will reach the finish line in four or five hours, at most. As for the more seasoned, they will need a good hour less to complete the course.

Obviously, the Capcom team has preferred to devote his energies to perfecting the Resident Evil : Resistance, offered as a supplement. This game full (a multiplayer asymmetrical) probably would have benefitted from an incubation period much longer. The result, clumsily executed, reminds us of all the points of the fiasco that was Resident Evil : Operation Raccoon City. Difficult to extract more than a few minutes of pleasure.

Note : ★★★

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