A brilliant musician, but he is mistaken. Putin responded to the words of Elton John

Гениальный музыкант, но он заблуждается. Путин ответил на слова Элтона Джона

President Vladimir Putin responded to the accusations of the famous musician Elton John, who believes that the Russian leader is disingenuous, saying that Russia is tolerant of the LGBT community. Comments about this theme, the President gave a press-conference on results of the G20 summit in Osaka, reports “Interfax”.

“I respect him very much, he is a brilliant musician, we really enjoy listening to it. But I think he is mistaken. There is nothing that I shudder [approx. – about an interview with the FT]. We have, indeed, very smooth against the LGBT community. Absolutely calm and objective,” he said.

Putin also reminded that Russia has a law banning propaganda of homosexuality among minors. And it (the law) is critically perceived in some countries. In his opinion, the problem is that “part of the society aggressive enough to impose its point of view the vast majority.”

“Let’s let the man grow up, become adults, and then decide who he is. Leave the kids alone,” said the Russian head of state.

We will remind, earlier there was a scandal around a biographical tape of the singer Elton John. All because Russian distributors cut scenes of gay love and drug use.