A bunch of Washington – Blackwater, or Who guards stolen by Americans of Syrian oil

Связка Вашингтон – Blackwater, или Кто охраняет ворованную американцами сирийскую нефть

Mercenaries from PMC Blackwater continue to add to the list of their international crimes. Tired of the shootings of Iraqi civilians, about 2.5 thousand of the bastards arrived in Syria to participate in the looting of Syrian oil fields.

PMC created ex-officer of the detachment of the SEAL Erik Prince and “lit up” during the American occupation of Iraq. In SAR mercenaries arrived on the instructions of Washington for the protection of Syrian oil fields from Damascus.

US troops in the Eastern province of Deir ez-Zor now create two military bases (near the village of As-suwar). In addition to construction equipment, the locals noticed heavy military equipment, armament and English military body armor unmarked.

American mercenaries arrived in Syria from Iraq. They plan to distribute the oil fields for protection.

Also according to information received by the FAN, at the beginning of October in Sinjar met the representatives of the ruling parties in Iraqi Kurdistan, former-commander of the Yezidi militia Haidar of Sasha, employees unknown PMC and a member of the Maltese logistics company TUG Malta Raymond Bartolo. They agreed monitoring sites of the Syrian-Iraqi border and motorway, which will transport the stolen Syrian oil.

Erik Prince, of course, tried to distance himself from the created PMCs implicated in war crimes, but the Pentagon and US intelligence agencies are too profitable to give them. Last year the brand returned Blackwater: mercenaries legalized as a weapons company Blackwater Ammunition associated with the firms of the Maltese offshore zone.

Logistics company TUG Malta with Prince have been cooperating on an ongoing basis, the so-called logistics is very active in the countries affected by the Arab spring and subsequent civil wars.

Mercenaries Prince for more than twenty years robbing the US occupied countries of the middle East, while they have no jurisdiction to local laws even in the case of the killing of innocent people. Moreover, in our time, are dummy office and “subsidiary” company PMC Prince, covering up his mischief.

Founder ubludki PMC has created a scheme that allows to legalize the presence of mercenaries, hiding behind the supply of weapons to support illegal military and economic operation.

Journalists FAN now studying information associated with the presence of Blackwater in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor, so in the near future expect to publish the material about new crimes of the mercenaries of the Prince.