A call beautiful and of course

Un appel bel et bien entendu

The Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA) believes that the call to work in the fields, launched by François Legault has borne fruit.

In fact, workers in quebec have filled three-quarters of the positions to be filled due to the absence of part of the foreign workforce.

“It is a success because we will have had 3000 workers in quebec on the 4000 foreign workers missing out on our 12 000 this year,” said the director general of the UPA, Charles-Felix Ross.

These days, the program “I go on-the-field” of the UPA has been criticized because only about 2000 Quebec on the 14 000 who have submitted their CV, work in our fields.

Crops saved

Yesterday, the UPA has defended itself saying that many of the candidates are most available because they have found their job prior to the pandemic.

Yesterday, Denis Desgroseillers, co-owner of Gardens PurDélys and the Domaine LaBranche in Saint-Isidore, in Montérégie, has welcomed the work of its thirty students, which enabled him to save many crops.

“It takes two to three young people from 13 years to 16 years to do the work of a worker latino. One is grateful. We are proud that the young people have agreed to come and work in the fields. It is a difficult job, ” explained the farmer, who would have taken a good hundred.

The Gardener of the Peninsula, in Saint-Damase, producer Daniel McDuff was satisfied with his student Stephen Beauchamp.

“During the intense heat, it was his days “, he insisted.

For his part, the principal said he was glad to help out a farmer here rather than staying at home with nothing to do in the midst of a pandemic.

“Usually, I work in a garage. I do a bit of everything. I gave my name to the UPA. They proposed to me two farms in my area. Strawberries is hard on the knees, but this is not so bad, ” said the one who begins studies in mechanical engineering next month.

Yesterday, the minister of Agriculture, Marie-Claude Bibeau, has acknowledged to the Newspaper that the farmers were suffering from shortage of foreign workers. She recalled that Ottawa paid to help of $ 1500 per worker to help cover the costs of their quarantine.

The PCU, imperfect

When asked if the Benefit of canadian emergency (PKU) could be detrimental to farmers, who still fail to recruit their workforce, she argued the effectiveness.

“The pandemic has profoundly affected the daily lives and finances of millions of Canadians and that is why our government has acted quickly to provide emergency assistance. We relied on efficiency rather than on perfection, ” she concluded.

  • Over 35 % of foreign workers are still missing, is a Guatemalan on four and nearly one Mexican in two, according to FARM Quebec.

Program “I ‘m going on-the-field”

  • Farms enrolled : 789
  • Incentive : $ 100 per week
  • Québec workers experienced : 1175
  • Québec workers are novices 1210
  • Total : 2385

Source : Union of agricultural producers

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