A call to order in university residences

A call to order in university residences

SHERBROOKE | University residences may be living environments, there are rules to follow for the common good. Some people do not seem to understand them, and on Tuesday the management of the residences of the University of Sherbrooke wanted to call a group of students to order.

Residents must, among other things, wear a mask, wash their hands, respect physical distancing and the ban on assembling.

The majority of them apply sanitary measures, but a minority neglects to do so. One wing is particularly problematic in these residences and the director of accommodation, Céline Element, met the students who live there at noon on Tuesday.

“We will try to make them understand why it is important to apply the measures. We ask them to cooperate otherwise disciplinary action will apply, ”said Ms. Element.

“It's annoying to see that people are neglectful because it interferes with the efforts of others,” said a student who lives in a residence.

A colleague adds: “Yes it is annoying. We saw students go out in bars and gather in apartments, which led to the closure of a program where all lessons are now given remotely. I don't want that. Face-to-face is very important for me, I come to the University of Sherbrooke for that. ”

For the moment, the situation in the residences is not yet alarming. The call is out to residents to prevent it from becoming so.

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