A cardiologist giving tips 9, Yak Timati pid control tisk no LCV

Кардіолог дав 9 порад, як тримати під контролем тиск без ліків

Chi we drink Kava? Yak POV associated stories and lessons Vaga tisk I? Skilki water you can drink? Cardiologist Mariya Bojarinova rosove, Yak povinn Smythe sviy method of zhittya people, that stradaut from Barton.

Кардіолог дав 9 порад, як тримати під контролем тиск без ліків


“It’s important chudnutie especially Tim, who ogina formualas for the “Yabloko”. Tsey type ogina more vpliva on rozvytok cercavo-sudini zakhvoryuvan, tsukrovogo diabetes. Userline fat hormonal an active I viable in shelter recovery scho pdist riven Tesco, cholesterol, cukru”. – respond cardiologist.


Norma calorie diet for zhinok 1800-2400 for cholov 2200-3000. In order dwellers chudnutie, necessary of scorodite TSI figures of 300-500 kcal – TSE smut in process shodana.


“Required rozregulowany so, dwellers of vzimku over there vipimoti of about 1.8 l rdini, vltc of about 2,3 ltru”.

Especially korisno vipimoti a bottle of water before Priya g.

Without kovbasi I napupulot

“As much as possible on there sodium in I got bootie not bilshe 2 grams (CE 5 grams Sol). Dwellers vikonati Qiu norm requires not only vdovets from Danilovna of gotovih bleed, ale I from the products and marinovanyh, soln, casino Kapusta, Kupchino protection, conserva, kovbas, and takozh od napupulot I gotovih of bleed — Newcome, skilki Sol tudi put them. TAC “framework” mozhut sniziti tisk 5-10 mm Hg.St”.

1 Cup Kavi in day

Cava pgvisu tisk, nonetheless in dolgostroev perspective, Mauger levitica useful. Smut, not perestaralis I oboitis odnu Cup day, wage peterbursky cardiologist.

Bike I ficn navantazhennya

Dwellers zbilshiti Rugova activist, the change to the bike, and two Razi in tyzhden zaimites the powerplant with the right key.

“Pacta s gperson radiate rogatica at least whodini a day (shvydka walking, SDA on velosiped, plavannya). Trevally I intensivnosti take aktivnost required postupovo Saraswati”. – said Mariya Barinova.

Also a cardiologist will delight controllati stresov Stanny I dragolovata svy sleep. All TSE permitted sniziti tisk prirodnim rank, I don’t dopustiti Yogo paviment.

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