A case of the COVID-19 confirmed the Complex G in Quebec city

QUEBEC | A case of coronavirus (COVID-19) has been confirmed in the Complex G, a government building of 33 floors and is located on parliament hill, in Quebec city.

The person who would have been infected at the COVID-19 works on the 7th floor. It would not be an official of the ministry of the Environment.

VAT News has, however, learned that this person was coming back from a trip and it is then presented to the work. It has therefore been in contact with other people. This was before the positive outcomes of the sars coronavirus.

This person is isolated from the Saturday, march 14.

Access to the two floors used by the employee to be contaminated has been restricted. This is the 7th and 8th levels.

Friday morning, crews worked to disinfect the two floors. The staff who worked there were encouraged to do telework.

Thousands of civil servants working in the building. Even if several are already in the home, many employees must always be on the spot, in spite of the crisis.

For the Union of the quebec public service, it makes no sense. The president, Christian Daigle, demand the immediate withdrawal of all the officials, and that they can work at home.

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