A celebration of the Work under the sign of containment in the world

Une fête du Travail sous le signe du confinement dans le monde

In the absence of the traditional parades, Labor day has largely been celebrated this year at the windows or balconies, with “virtual events” throughout the globe.

A few manifestations, sometimes disciplined, sometimes chaotic, have taken place elsewhere in the world in spite of the containment measures.

Deserted streets in France

For the first time since the prohibition of events during the wars in Indochina and Algeria in the 1950s and 1960s, there has been no rallies in France, in the name of the fight against the Covid-19, which claimed more than 230 000 deaths in the world.

5000 police officers in Berlin

In Germany, the police forces have been deployed in large numbers — 5000 police officers in Berlin to enforce the ban on protests of more than 20 people that intend to defy the movements of ultraleft and extreme right, as well as conspiracy, fiercely opposed to measures of containment.

In the order of a Portugal

In Portugal, several hundred people gathered Friday in several cities, according to a distance of more than three meters, especially in Lisbon, where hundreds of people waved flags and cries of “trade union” and ” the struggle continues “.

Sixty arrests in Chile

In Chile, where gatherings of more than 50 people are banned, the Plaza Italia in Santiago, a traditional place of protest, has been invaded by protesters. The police arrested sixty people.

Rallies in Lebanon

In Lebanon, hundreds of protesters wearing masks and flags of lebanese gathered in downtown Beirut, place des Martyrs.

Discipline in Greece

In Greece, where the government had called to reschedule any event on 9 may, the trade union PAME, affiliated to the communist, has nevertheless held a rally in front of parliament, very disciplined : hundreds of protesters have respected the distance of one meter, wearing often scarves on the face or masks.

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