A champion in waiting

Une championne dans l’attente

Before the arrival of the COVID-19 in America, the date of 9 may was the key to Marie-Eve Dicaire. During the evening, the champion of the world had to be involved in a unification fight against Claressa Shields. Of course, the plans have changed.

“It is quite a strange feeling, said Marie-Eve Dicaire during a telephone interview on Wednesday. I have the impression that it was 10 years ago. It seems to me that the epidemic in Quebec was started yesterday. “

Despite the current situation, his fight against Claressa Shields is still on the way. People always talk about a deferral, not a cancellation. The latest news, Dicaire (17-0) and Shields (10-0, 2 K.-O.) should get in the ring somewhere in July.

“That reassures me, it is our common desire to want to compete. Our duel would be part of the revival of boxing. It would be in the same time a kind of victory against the coronavirus, has explained the monarch IBF super-mid-sized. As long as one does not have the green light, we can’t fix the date.

“We are at the mercy of governments. However, this is not the first time in my career that galas are cancelled or deferred. “

She made reference to her shock of last year against Lina Tejada, who had been canceled because his opponent was blind in one eye. Dicaire had not lost everything, because it was mounted on the ring the following month.

“This time, it is particular because it is a global situation. For the moment, the priority is not the boxing, but the safety of everyone. I am, however, familiar with a situation where I have no control. “

Unpredictable Conditions

Dicaire raises some questions about the type of preparation that they may have for its shock against Shields.

“We do not yet know the conditions in which we will make our training camps. It is not known whether the borders will be open. It will be the same reality of the two sides.

“Our coaches need to be creative. I’m not worried for mine. In January, I was practicing in the sand trap of the jump in length of the Centre Claude-Robillard. We are going to do with what one a. “

Before the arrival of the COVID-19, his trainer Stephane Harnois had concocted a camp of high-level training to his protégé. He had prepared the coming of two American women to serve as training partners to the champion.

Small doubt

Initially, the shock Dicaire-Shields had to be held in Flint, Michigan. All the parties do not intend to change the destination with or without spectators. This is what they have to say today’s date.

Flint has been relatively spared by the COVID-19 with 1300 cases and 131 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic in the United States. Dicaire will she be fearful of going to the United States ?

“This is a topic that we will address with my team, said the boxer 33 years. I know my promoter will do everything for it to be safe.

“I can’t say that there is not a small light lit up. However, at the time of the battle, there is a chance that we know more about the COVID-19 and the ways to protect themselves. “

Of the bike to keep away from the fridge

Since the beginning of the confinement, we see plenty of stuff on the social networks to keep away from the fridge, and by the same temptations. This is no different for the boxers.

Marie-Eve Dicaire knows very well that his forced break can be a certain trap. A weight gain during the containment would not be a good news.

“We asked for a reasonable period of time of preparation before our fight, said the boxer of quebec. If I use the pandemic period to eat all weird and overindulge, my camp and me will be only used to get back in shape.

“I keeps me in good physical condition with a foot on the brake waiting for a date. “

The athlete, 33-year-old has found a highly original way to keep away from the fridge when she has “cravings” for food, or junk.

“I have a schedule set to a quarter turn with workouts, outside activities and household chores. It was too easy for me to fall into a mode where I felt like I was doing nothing.

“For me away from the fridge, I jumped on my bike and I’m going to take a walk very far. When I tell my boyfriend that I’m going by bike, he knows very well what it means. “

In slow motion

Dicaire has always been dynamic. She has always donned the exercises and projects at a good pace. The days of complete rest are rare in his calendar.

How has she made to slow down during the confinement period ?

“Since the age of 6 years old, I had a disciplined schedule. Then, everything changed from one day to the next day. I felt I was on vacation, but I wasn’t. It has been an adjustment for me, ” she pointed out. It took me to find stuff.

“During the first few days, to 14 or 15 hours, I had made the rounds of my daily routine. I thought it was long and I was no longer able to manage. “

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