A chance to enter in the Ramparts

Une chance à saisir chez les Remparts

The Ramparts of Quebec city have confirmed the acquisition of goalkeeper Thomas Sigouin, Wednesday, in return for a choice of the third round in 2022, confident and the doorman 20 years a golden opportunity to prove his worth in the QMJHL.

The victim of a serious injury to his knee that made him miss almost all of the season 2018-2019, Sigouin is back with the Phoenix of Sherbrooke last season, as an auxiliary to Samuel Hlavaj. In career in the QMJHL, it is not taken into account that 31 starts spread over three seasons.

The challenge launched by the Ramparts, which have made the acquisition to give a little respite to the young Emerik Despatie, is therefore one and the same.

“I like to be underdog, however, has mentioned Sigouin during a telephone interview with The Newspaper, Wednesday. I have this role since I was a bantam and I think I respond well to it. I just can’t wait that it starts to prove to everyone what I’m worth really. I’m glad to have an opportunity to play matches and help the team win. That said, I know that I will have to earn my place at the training camp. “

Two crucial matches

Among others, it is this side competitor which prompted Patrick Roy to make the acquisition.

“We like to give a chance to a guy like that. It is passionate and he wants to progress. I have to admit that it caught our attention this season because he has played two very good games against us, ” said Patrick Roy, who has confirmed that Thomas Caron and Hunter Holmes will be the other two players of 20 years of the team next season.

Sigouin was drawn up against the Walls, on the 30th of November last, allowing only one goal on 37 shots to help the Phoenix to defeat the Red Devils.

“When I look at where I am, I’m quite happy to have had good games against them ! “, he started laughing.

Ready to fish

Furthermore, Patrick Roy does not intend to exchange the fifth choice on the whole, contrary to what he had mentioned a few weeks ago. The team intends to draft the best player available.

And, for Roy, this draft will be the beginning of a new stage in the process of rebuilding the team.

“We enter in a stage, which will be very interesting for our supporters. I think the next cycle will be fun. It is a situation that I have rarely lived with the Walls, because of the depth at each position and we have two first-round next year, and another in 2022 “, he stated, adding that this depth both in the workforce and in the bank of choice would allow the Walls to make the acquisition of major parts in the next few years without mortgaging the future of the team, as was the case in 2015.

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