“A clear winner here — Airbus”: Die Welt about the cessation of production of the 737 MAX

The Boeing company at least for a time ceased production of the model 737 MAX: after two accidents, which killed 346 people, the 737 MAX was denied permission to fly, according to Welt. It is noted that such a measure could be the collapse of Boeing because the 737 MAX make up nearly half of the total turnover of the company.

«Явный победитель здесь — Airbus»: Die Welt о прекращении производства 737 MAX

This year was not a positive for Boeing, and now discontinued (at least temporarily) the production model of the 737 max. After two accidents that killed 346 people, the model was denied permission to fly and return it, apparently, not soon. Thus, 400 of 737 MAX are now on the ground. Stop production endangers not only Boeing, but also many suppliers.

Parking firm is fully Packed with almost 400 new ready for sale aircraft are Boeing. The problem is that model of the 737 MAX re waiting for obtaining a new permit to fly. After two disasters with 346 victims of the Federal office of civil aviation USA does not allow himself to rush. In a quiet environment should be carried out many thorough tests. The duration of this procedure it is impossible to predict, so Boeing was forced to take emergency measures. Since January the new 737 MAX will not be issued. RAINER DÜRING, aviation journalist: of Course, Boeing is a massive blow to the image, as well as enormous financial damage. For suppliers, which also includes the German company, which means that they will not be able to sell their products, and for airlines it means the presence of obstacles in the further development of the fleet. In Europe, buyers of the 737 MAX in addition to “daughters” Lufthansa — Sunexpress airlines and TUI fly is, first of all, Ryanair. Irish low-cost airline in July was forced to cancel numerous flights because the new planes were not delivered. Meanwhile, around the world 383 737 Max aircraft laid up because of the ban on flights. This disaster could mean the collapse of Boeing, because, according to experts, the 737 MAX to nearly half of the total turnover of the company. Therefore, the company’s CEO Dennis Muilenburg in October tried again to win the confidence of the model. DENNIS MUILENBURG, the head of Boeing: We comprehensively analyzed the problem and spent 700 test flights. We trust our new software and we believe that the 737 MAX will soon become one of the safest aircraft in history. Even if at the beginning of next year the 737 MAX will still be allowed to operate in the United States, in Europe, will be held separate checks: thus, the local airlines will have to wait further. However, the main doubts arise about whether they want the passengers to re-Board the 737 MAX. A clear winner in a given situation: the European rival of Boeing — Airbus receiving many new orders.

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