A coach quebecers saw the crisis in California

Un entraîneur québécois vit la crise en Californie

It’s not just the players who must find a way to be creative in this period of pandemic in order to keep the form and their reflexes. Coaches are also faced with the same problem to share their knowledge.

Responsible for the development of the guards at the Edmonton Oilers, Sylvain Rodrigue has begun to design strategies that will enable his flock to continue their progression while respecting the measures in place in their local area respective to curb the contamination of the COVID-19.

In the Oilers since the 2013-2014 season, Rodrigue has left the Saguenay there are nearly two years to settle in Bakersfield, California, where he worked closely with the hopes of the organization within the club-school of the american League. His wife and younger son live with him in this city of a little more than 380, 000 inhabitants

“We don’t know if there will be development camps. I imagine that at the present time, it is negative, but there has been no confirmation. Dustin Schwartz [‘goalie coach the Oilers] and I have already thought of what we will do to try to keep our guardians [alerts] by giving them a kind of instruction as from the beginning of may. It may not be on the ice if everything is closed. It will be necessary to use the technology “, he exhibited at the end of the wire.

Brain active

The american League has not yet ruled on the fate of its season is currently on break, but according to the esteemed colleague Pierre LeBrun, it is only a matter of time before the cancellation is official. For its part, the ECHL, the third-level importance of professional hockey in north america, has put the axe on his campaign in the days following the suspension of activities by the NHL march 12.

Rodrigue and his acolytes of the Condors of Bakersfield have started recently to get to the arena once a week, respecting the measures of social distancing after having kept in contact for weeks through the platforms of video conferencing.

The instructor of 46 years was in Fort Wayne, Indiana in the company of the club’s ECHL affiliate of the Oilers when everything started tumbling down. Ironically, it was one of his first trips of the season due to numerous injuries in front of the net of the Condors, which allowed him to spy on the gatekeepers in the organization chart without too much moving around.

“Our club of Wichita played on Wednesday and practiced Thursday morning in Fort Wayne. As soon as I arrived to the rink Thursday morning, I had updates on my phone, of what was happening. We didn’t even practiced, and in the afternoon, everything was cancelled. I had to directly get in California. “


Even if the State in which they remain was one of the first outbreaks of the outbreak of the epidemic in north america, Rodrigue and his family have never been concerned for their health. Anyway, it was almost impossible to return to Quebec where they would not possess permanent place of residence. As of Friday, nearly 40 000 cases of COVID-19 had been identified through the California.

“The people have quickly bought the concept of social distancing here. We put masks to go to the grocery store and in public places. We had to change our habits like everyone else. Honestly, we didn’t feel in danger, ” said Rodrigue, not hiding the good weather helps to get through the crisis.

Son looks forward to the future after the disappointment

While waiting to join his parents in the california sun when the border will reopen, the guardian Olivier Rodrigue is a weapon of patience at his godmother’s to Chicoutimi.

Un entraîneur québécois vit la crise en Californie

Photo courtesyOlivier Rodrigue
Guardian, Wildcats

The son of Sylvain has experienced a huge disappointment when the season of the QMJHL has been cancelled, seeing his dream of winning the top honors with the Wildcats of Moncton go up in smoke.

Choice of the second round of the Oilers in 2018, Rodrigue was acquired from the Voltigeurs de Drummondville before the start of the season to lead the Wildcats to a good port. Before the shutdown, Moncton was the team of the time in the QMJHL. The shock received, the athlete is 19 years old (20 in July) has started his preparation for his jump in the professional under the tutelage of the paternal.

“The first thing he sent me, to tell me that the series was cancelled, he told me that he had the taste of crying […] When he saw that everything was cancelled, the young people made clear that it was finished. It is flat and has finished his career, junior, of same, it is an exceptional case. And after that, it is time to make a transition. It was not that long. It happened the Thursday [Chicoutimi], and on Monday, he began to train, ” said his father, who had worn the colors of the Saguenéens and Drillers in the early 1990s.

Colby Cave : shock

Sylvain Rodrigue has agreed to return on the sudden death of forward Colby Cave, following a cerebral hemorrhage, on April 11. Cave, 25 years old, had participated in 44 games with the affiliate of the Oilers in the american League. He was a valued player in the locker room of the team.

“He was a good guy and a child who has always worked hard in his life. He was in perfect health and it was one of our best in terms of fitness. We could not imagine it. It has really been a hard blow for the entire organization. I talk about it and I still have chills, ” admitted the man of hockey.

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