A committee to investigate the deaths of aboriginal people

Photo: Jacques Boissinot The canadian Press
The minister of public Safety, Martin Coiteux

The creation of a committee to review deaths related to domestic violence is only a first step : starting in 2018, the chief coroner will conduct as a group to discuss the deaths of aboriginal people in Quebec, learned The Duty.


“There will be an announcement at the beginning of the year,” confirmed Tuesday, the chief coroner of Québec, Catherine Rudel-Tessier. She has already approached the group Quebec native Women, but he warned that the committee was ” not yet formed “.


“The community believes in it very well ; the interventions that may emerge, the strategies that can be invented, to do something,” she added, commending the success of the committee to review the death of children and the establishment of the committee on domestic violence.


“These are things that matter to us, of the phenomena of society, [and] the Office of the coroner must be involved in prevention,” she argues.


The groups of women delighted


Resources to help women victims of spousal violence are also pleased by the decision of the minister of public Safety, Martin Coiteux, to establish the committee to review deaths related to domestic violence they had been waiting for for years.


The group is chaired by the chief coroner will gather other resources of assistance for victims of violence and representatives of the Director of criminal and penal prosecutions, the Sûreté du Québec and of the Council on the status of women.


The work will be “totally different” from the one done by the current committee for review of the killings on intra-family, consisting only of police officers, pointed out to Me, Rudel-Tessier.


“We are going to study the risk factors, [watch] which took place, [if it] could have been done differently,” said Louise Riendeau, of the Regroupement des maisons pour femmes victimes de violence conjugale.


“The beauty of the thing is that the chief coroner has the power to make recommendations very broadly, which may affect several sectors,” added Marie-Hélène Senay, of the Federation of shelters for women. The committee shall meet for the first time in January.

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