A company tried to take advantage of the vulnerabilities of the PCU

Une entreprise a tenté de profiter des failles de la PCU

The carrier Nolinor has suggested to its employees to defer their pay until later so they touch both their salaries and the Provision of canadian emergency (PCU) of $ 2000, learned The Newspaper. A case akin to fraud, warns Ottawa.

To the pilots or flight attendants who do not wish to work for fear of losing federal assistance, the company has offered to “bank” the hours carried out and the allowances (per diem), to which they were entitled, show of e-mails that we have received.

However, the rules are clear : any employee who earns $ 1000 or more is not eligible for this special assistance of the Trudeau government. And any time worked must be accounted for and paid.

“It is fraud,” said tax expert Luc Godbout, Chair in taxation and public finance from the University of Sherbrooke. “This is equivalent to companies that pay their staff in gift cards to maintain their PKU. It is in a non-conforming situation, a situation that contravenes the law and to the spirit of the law. “

In the first weeks of the pandemic, the proliferation of programs has created some confusion, “he admits,” but the rules are now crystal clear.

The office of the minister of national Revenue, Diane Lebouthillier, also refer to this ploy of ” fraud “.

“We will not tolerate such abuse,” says spokesman Jeremy Bellefeuille.

Worse, if employees are “in the bank” hours worked instead to make them pay, this would make the employer ineligible for the wage Subsidy emergency (SSUC), which covers up to 75% of wages, ” says Bellefeuille.

“Any person who abuse the program could impose sanctions of up to 225 % of the value of the grant and up to five years in prison. “

The boss calls the error

Contacted by The Newspaper, the president of Nolinor, Marco Prud’homme, argues that there is an error of the human resources department of the company.

Marco Prud’homme, President Nolinor

“Although only 15 of our 200 employees have opted for this option […] this was not consistent and we have corrected the shooting “, he said. It has, however, described the situation as ” urban legends of frustrated employees “, and blamed the “complex” end of the PCU.

But Mr. Godbout doubt these arguments. “Is what the company would do that for employment insurance ? Is it that they would provide staff to work while continuing to receive their check of unemployment ? Of course not, ” he says.

How it works

  • According to the emails, Nolinor offered to pay some employees later, that is to say, to “bank” hours worked and the daily subsistence allowance (per diems).
  • As they had no declared income, they were able to get the Benefit of the canadian emergency (PKU), a cheque of $ 500 per week for a maximum of 16 weeks.
  • The hours would have been paid at the end of this period.
  • According to emails obtained by The Newspaper, the company would have also asked for the wage Subsidy emergency, which covers 75 % of the first 58 700 $ earned by employees (up to 847 $ per week), up to a maximum of 12 weeks.
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