A “concert” of the rapper Travis Scott brings together 12 million players on Fortnite

Un «concert» du rappeur Travis Scott réunit 12 millions de joueurs sur Fortnite

Paris | The american rapper Travis Scott has gathered Thursday evening, more than 12.3 million players Fortnite with a “concert” of ten minutes, announced the publisher on the online game, Epic Games.

A virtual version of the rapper from Houston has landed on an island in the game of fighting to present a medley of 10 minutes of his songs, Astronomical.

The closer to a Travis Scott and the giant torso naked, the players found themselves dancing in a rain of fire, then in water and finally in space, where Travis Scott was joined by the rapper Kid Cudi for a title unheard.

It is a “record” for this type of event, welcomed on Twitter the editor of the game. Fortnite was already organized in February 2019 first concert with the american DJ Marshmello, comprising $ 10.7 million of players and spectators.

Epic Games provides for four reruns of the show, Travis Scott, from Saturday to Sunday, other time zones, for the players in the world, after this first meeting organized in the evening for the us players.

The Europeans have an appointment Friday at 16H for this show already aired on many other platforms like Twitch and Youtube.

The game publisher has accompanied the show of the launch of clothing and accessories dedicated to the rapper and companion Kylie Jenner.

Canadian rapper Drake had already broken records on Twitch in 2018 in playing Fortnite live with Travis Scott and a star of the game, the American Ninja.

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