A consultation of the canadian Agency of food inspection on the reduction of limits to personal importation of food

OTTAWA | The canadian food inspection agency (CFIA) is seeking the views of Canadians regarding the amounts of food they can bring back from abroad.

The government agency provides the effect of fixing personal exemption limits that best fit the volume of food that a traveller might usually bring for personal use without there being a risk to the safety of the food consumed by other Canadians.

As well, the CFIA would like to limit certain categories which until then were not aware of limitations, such as nuts, condiments, dried products, oils, processed foods, non-alcoholic drinks, with a limit of 20kg or 20L.

The personal importation of meat would be reduced from 20kg to 10kg, and the fruits and vegetables of 250 kg to 20kg.

Only the fresh fish and seafood would have a limit increased from 20 kg to 50kg.

“The CFIA wants to ensure that the foods introduced in Canada do not pose any danger to the health without delaying or unduly restrict travellers wishing to bring in food for personal use,” said Siddika Mithani, president of the CFIA, by way of a press release.

Travellers who arrive in Canada may bring in food for their personal consumption, provided that the limits of personal exemption are met and that the food is not covered by a restriction of a federal law.

The details of the consultation are available on the website of the CFIA until 4 march.

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