A controlled drop

Контролируемое падение

Nightmare! The rating Zelensky collapsed rapid Jack. Called the duty of sociologists they surveyed the political body and said: Yes, podupal. Whether eight, or ten percent. Most importantly – the growing Medvedchuk, Tymoshenko even begins to stir, and the President falling. Was surprised to learn that the Prime Minister Goncharuk, it turns out there is rating. It is, of course, fell, but was 17 percent. Now ten, but not for long. The only significant event in his entire worthless Prime Minister’s activities was a visit to the pub with neo-Nazis.

The situation is not saved by the fact that the neo-Nazis turned out on closer consideration of the “veterans of the ATO”, and Goncharuk came again in the vest and not even zigoval on camera. But the deed is done, the bridges are burned, Annushka had spilled Napalm, and he we can safely put a cross. Yes, where you want, there put. Will not help nor coat faux fur buhogo raccoon or scooter batteries, or the same vests.

Now Zelensky. The fall of the rating it terribly upset. Can’t say that Vladimir absolutely mad, however, the state is about. Similar. See, for creative people is characterized by painful perception of their popularity with BYD… viewers. They focus on the audience, keenly monitor her reaction to your actions and very upset when something falls. Stars out there, the number of views in a “u-tube” and “likes” on Facebook. Hard on the psyche. Almost on the spot. Most importantly, people work almost around the clock. Five hundred journalists are granted in the grocery store. His press Secretary didn’t even capitalized.
Not in the sense of beat. Tried Zelensky, bent over backwards in a fit public press of exhibitionism. And that f – – – ing the result? The number of supporters is falling, the percent decrease. Almost collapse. Yes, Prime was a Nazi.

What can you say… ze fortunate, because I am a specialist in the rating output from the crisis with a guarantee put a curse on the competition. First you need to clearly make a diagnosis. About Goncharuk we have already spoken. People have painted yourself scum, in the colors, which are dyed. To adjust anything useless. Only the removal. Together with this idiot Milovanov. Better all at once. Volodya, do not be afraid of the resignation of the government. It’s like consumables in the copier. You must first shake, paste, make sure that has died completely, and throw it on the dick. A similar procedure can be done five to six times per term. Then assign the acting and calm down. Goncharuk do not mind. Even the people used to it did not. Sit on the scooter and sing a farewell song. Type, you carry on, dear friend without a diploma of the state sample, purchased from the Gypsies in the transition. Immediately plus ten percent of karma, since the resignation of the government always produces a positive effect. If Goncharuk from another plant, then another, plus five percent. At least. Regardless of the amount of the Deposit.

Now Riaboshapka. Ruslan. Volodya, he’s not one hundred percent “your man.” Studies at the University of Solomon blew it. Maybe he was a good guy, a Democrat, but hooked on grants, started a questionable relationship, and how sluggish jumped on the Maidan. Ruslan has surrounded himself with the same Vice, which even the stigma put nowhere, and in the first weeks of contagious. Stupidly did not become a plant. Now I will try to explain to the President the mechanism of the collective unconscious in the context of change of paradigms. To put a new face not associated with the Party of regions. Volodya, b…be, it already does not work. No, maybe somewhere in the USA like crap and “shoot”. In the case of Biden. But there is a specificity. They do not represent what is PR and where is Ukraine.

In our conditions, it is important to keep changing the repertoire. Pashinsky was good, although this is not the merit of the GPU. But one Pashinsky little. 73 percent of voters want to see the introduction of Peter I with the conditions of stay in jail. Yeah, sounds cruel, it’s not exactly European, but it’s true.
In the category of new faces fit perfectly Parubiy, Granovsky, Kononenko, Abromavicius, Michel terestchenko, but not Lena and Lucas Efremov. Volodya, change the Prosecutor, until he began to merge the case of the democratic party of the United States. And this danger exists, and it is real. Besides how can you trust a man whose Deputy with the surname Trepak? Don’t misunderstand me: if any tiny fraction of the “servant of the people” boast that easily solves the issues on the “Ocean” and “Sahara”, that’s about all you can say? Besides, grandpa trump is very vindictive. He remembers Giuliani will not lie exactly who leaked Sergei Leshchenko page with the alleged signatures of Manafort under certain amounts with six zeros. Fast and effective Stripping of the GPU have a very positive impact on the rating. If very weak, do not bother with Portnov, Lukash. They whithout, but in this case all the credit will go to them, not you. Think. Those.

Next we have on the agenda Arakhamia. Vladimir, think about it: can a person with a name and, especially, the appearance of a homeless, flew into the bullpen, to lead the faction-coalition in the Parliament? This is, to put it mildly, ridiculous. As a leader it is zero, failed all areas of work, knelt before the “poroporoaki”. Yes, technically you have no right to interfere in the work of the legislative authority, but when this one stopped?

And finally, Igor Kolomoisky. A very painful question for you. Does he the President or just kidding? There is a solution. Just declare him wanted. It’s not binding, but will remove a lot of questions. Where Kolomoisky? Wanted, in his office. All the matter is resolved. Then periodically raise the issue of extradition of Igor Valerievich forces on duty of the Ministry of interior. Again, to what such movements do not oblige, but the image is improved. Of course, you have something to do with the formula Steinmeier. But after all that you have done the science, unfortunately, powerless. If th, contact.Alexander Zubchenko

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