“A couple blameless” by Alafair Burke: Destroy a happiness facade

«Un couple irréprochable» d'Alafair Burke: Détruire un bonheur de façade

The deputy prosecutor specializing in domestic violence cases, Alafair Burke offers a new novel absolutely scathing : A couple impeccable. The one that has followed in the footsteps of his father, a successful writer James Lee Burke, there dissects the impact of a scandal and secrets in the life of a couple, which seems to have everything to be happy.

Their happiness facade is about to explode when Jason is suspected of being a sexual predator, and that one of the two victims disappears. All the country’s media seized on the scandal. Angela, being stalked, tracked, harassed, is shared between the shame and the desire to defend her husband. And the need to hide a heavy secret.

The novelist new york Alafair Burke has taken pleasure to imagine the secrets, the torment and the consequences of such an affair, inspired, of course, the various movements of termination for sexual misconduct.

“Writing this novel has made me a very anxious,” reveals Alafair Burke, in an interview. She had in mind the character of Angela, a young woman who has gone through a series of tests and who lives with a lot of guilt. But she wanted to do something else than telling what had happened to him, in detail.

“I wondered what it would be if this young woman was now a wife who lives in a privileged setting, which was able to start his life again and who has the sense to leave her past behind her. And if it was her husband who was being accused?”, explains the writer, a graduate of Stanford and a former deputy prosecutor.

“I’m a part of it. I do not know what the husband was going to be accused, he would be arrested, if he was going to be convicted. I didn’t even know if he was guilty or not ! In the course of writing, I asked myself who was lying and who was telling the truth. And I said to myself : this is crazy, I don’t know where I’m going with this storyline!”

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The pieces of the puzzle are placed when she realized that the narrator knew nothing either. “I have written as I have immersed myself in his head. Angela received the information in dribs and drabs. She must accept that her husband has an affair. And another thing. And yet another.”

“It was stressful to write : my character and me, we were going to learn at the same time this has really happened! In fact, I knew the secret of Angela, but not the one of Jason…”

Alafair Burke think that this story, which can happen between a man and a woman behind closed doors, is at the end of the novel, the most personal and the most controversial of all that she has written previously.

Alafair Burke
Presses de la Cité
430 pages”>

A couple flawless
Alafair Burke
Presses de la Cité
430 pages

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