A couple found lifeless in Montreal

Un couple retrouvé sans vie à Montréal

A couple in their fifties was found dead Saturday morning in the residence that he had just put on sale, in the sector of Pointe-aux-Trembles, in what has all the appearances of a murder followed by a suicide.

Gabriel Branchaud, 57 years old, and Johanne Corriveau, 53 years old, have been discovered lifeless at around 10 a.m. in the semi-detached house they occupied for nearly 20 years on 40th avenue, in the east of the metropolis.

According to our information, it would be a murder followed by a suicide, although the police officers did not wish to move forward on the timeline of the deaths.

“One of the two victims is the seventh homicide to occur in the territory in 2020. Concerning the second victim, his death is still considered suspicious nature, ” said the agent, Julien Levesque, a spokesperson for the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM).

The residence of the deceased has been put up for sale in the last few days, was able to discover The Journal.

According to several neighbors, the couple was in the process of separating from little.

In addition, the mother of Ms. Corriveau was recently deceased, according to what it wrote on Facebook a few days ago.

Good neighbors

Very generous and helpful, the two victims were well known in the neighbourhood for their kindness and their desire to help constantly.

“It had contributed for purchase of pockets of sand to fill the holes in the parking lot. This is “Gaby”, who had gone to look for them and it has filled up all alone. I asked him why he didn’t waited, he said that it pleased him “, said a neighbor, saddened to learn of the drama.

Several neighbors said they were saddened to see from the couple, who had just put the sign on his property to advertise the sale of his house.

“It was impossible to pass them without receiving a smile,” added a second neighbor, just as ” in shock “.

On Saturday night, police were still present at the scene, where the investigation continued.

“There are autopsies that need to be performed on the two deceased persons, that they may have more information on the chronology of events “, has completed the officer Jean-Pierre Brabant, who is also a spokesperson for the SPVM.

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