A court in recovery proceedings on the hotel Trump Washington

Un tribunal relance des poursuites sur l'hôtel Trump de Washington

A u.s. court has revived Thursday, prosecution on the foreign-source income received by president Donald Trump thanks to his Washington hotel.

Without ruling on the merits, a federal court of appeal, meeting in plenary session, has reversed a decision by three of its judges who had closed the file in July 2019 for questions of procedure.

The lawyer staff to the president, Jay Sekulow, and the department of Justice have regretted this change and announced that they would petition the supreme Court of the United States.

In the meantime, this decision recovery proceedings initiated by the prosecutors from Washington and the neighboring State of Maryland, who accuse the billionaire republican to violate the “clause on the “emoluments” of the Constitution.

This article prohibits any person occupying a public function to’accept a gift, fee, function, or title of any kind whatever from a king, prince, or foreign State” without the consent of the Congress.

However, consider the prosecutors, foreign delegations prefer the Trump International Hotel, near the White House in the hope of attracting the good graces of the president. Since 2016, the hotel has hosted events organized by the embassies of Kuwait, Bahrain and the Philippines, reported the american media.

After his installation in the White House in January 2017, the ex-real estate magnate has entrusted to his sons the management of his affairs, but has retained all of its units in the Trump Organization that has achieved us $ 435 million of revenues in 2018.

The president and the Justice department argue that the clause fee is intended to prevent public officials pocketing of bribes and not doing business.

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