A craze is justified to Jake Sanderson

Un engouement justifié pour Jake Sanderson

There’s probably not a hope of the next NHL draft for which the craze has exploded so much that for the defender of the u.s. national program’s under-18 Jake Sanderson, and his teammate Thomas Bordeleau assures us: it is quite justified.

The captain of the american team is past the 11th rank on the list of mid-season in the fourth level on the final standings. Many observers believe that he will be drafted among the top ten in the draft, and the most crinqués even he could be the first defender selected in front of Jamie Drysdale.

It might be available on the ninth rank, the rank expected for the Montreal canadiens if he bows in the face of the Pittsburgh Penguins during the qualification tournament of the playoffs and that it has then not the first choice overall for the second lottery.

“I think it was time that he be rewarded for all that he does, said Bordeleau. Sandy, in my mind, is the player with the most complete with which I have had the chance to play. It is so good in everything he does, both offensively and defensively. He has everything to succeed, and I am convinced that it is going to be successful in the NHL. I have nothing but positive to say about this guy. The team that will pick him will be very lucky, and those who will ignore it will regret it.”

Attack under-estimated

The biggest critics of the defender left-handed 6 ‘ 1 ” and 185 lbs claim that it does not have the potential of offensive to be considered as a hope of the top-10. In 44 parts of last season, he earned 29 points.

“I think his skills are offensive are very under-estimated,” adds Bordeleau. I think he is excellent in attack, and it has continued to improve throughout the year. I loved to play with him on our first wave of digital benefits last season. I was installed all along the band, at the height of the circles, and to the point, and we controlled the entire game. It has everything offensive to succeed.”

Sanderson should, in theory, join the ranks of the Fighting Hawks of the University of North Dakota next season.

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