a daily vaccination report from Tuesday

    a daily vaccination report from Tuesday

    While the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 is highly criticized, the Director General of Health Insurance, Thomas Fatome, announced that as of Tuesday, January 5, the authorities will publish a report of the number of people vaccinated, each day. “A first assessment will be made from tomorrow, then on a daily basis as part of the communication of the Ministry and Public Health France”, he said during a press point dedicated to the presentation of the new “Covid Vaccine” information system.

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    “Individual traceability and collective monitoring”

    Aimed at doctors, this teleservice aims to collect the necessary information to the vaccination campaign: patient and doctor identities, patient consent, batch number of the injected vaccine … Launched this Monday morning, Covid Vaccine has “already received the first connections and refills for pre-vaccination consultations and vaccinations”, said the Director General of Health Insurance.

    After having informed the nursing homes then the liberal doctors at the end of December, the organization will do the same this week for the hospitals which start to vaccinate their caregivers, in order to “that they can integrate this tool into their practice”. “Things will accelerate this week, but we could not conceive of a massive campaign without this tool which allows both individual traceability and collective monitoring”, defended Thomas Fatome while many voices denounce a too slow vaccination campaign. A restricted working and follow-up meeting is scheduled for Monday afternoon around Emmanuel Macron.

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    No “vaccination passport”

    Covid Vaccine is linked to the French Medicines Agency (ANSM) portal to facilitate the reporting of adverse events by physicians and vaccinated patients. However, its file will not be not crossed with that of Contact Covid, which identifies infected people and their “contact cases”. It will also not be used for a possible “vaccination passport” facilitating travel.

    “The legal framework does not provide for this possibility”, recalled the Director of Health Insurance, stressing that “this tool is only used for the vaccination campaign and has no other use”.

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