A deadly “game”: in Kherson fun with a little girl turned into a tragedy

Stepfather allegedly “did not have time to slovita” of the child and now the girl with severe head injuries and is in intensive care.

Смертельні «ігри»: на Херсонщині забава з маленькою дівчинкою обернулася справжньою трагедією

In the village Baltazarivka Chaplinsky district, Kherson region there was an accident – year-old girl suffered a severe head injury as a result of careless treatment of her 22-year-old boyfriend of the mother. The girl is now in intensive care on a ventilator, but her husband swears is nothing to do, he would not, and did not have time to catch the baby. Now the police have to understand, was it an accident or is it deliberate sabotage, informs Rus.Media.

The tragedy occurred on February 12. In the same house one year old child and her 18-year-old mother lived a man of 22 years. As noted by the neighbours and the mother of the injured girl. and the so-called “stepfather” treated well. The police say that the family is not registered as being in difficult life circumstances or how disadvantaged.

A young mother does not deny that he left to this daughter and her boyfriend repeatedly, but nothing bad has happened – the husband for the child nursed well. This was confirmed by relatives and neighbors of the family. In addition, parents noted that the mother and stepfather do not abuse alcohol and do not conflict.

The police, the roommate of the girl’s mother stated that she threw the baby, playing with her, and missed. And so that when falling on the floor, she managed to hit the furniture, the sofa and chair in a small room – hence the number of serious injuries.

Almost immediately the child began to lose consciousness, and the man ran into the street, began to call for help. Now baby airlift delivered to the regional hospital and doctors ‘ forecasts are disappointing – the girl stopped several times heart, as well as a severe head injury.

“The child is a ventilator. The girl has several times heart stopped and had to restart. Received injuries are not typical for fall. In addition to head injuries, there are multiple abrasions on the face and body, blunt abdominal trauma in the form of a hematoma of the liver. The girl in the hospital is her mother,” – said the chief doctor of dokb Inna Holodnyak.

The girl’s condition remains heavy, on the stabilization of the doctors refuse to predict. The police, in turn, opened criminal proceedings on h. 1 article 129 of the criminal code of Ukraine “Careless serious or moderate bodily injury.” Pre-judicial investigation proceeds.