A delivery platform tailored to the pandemic

Une plateforme de livraison adaptée à la pandémie

The pandemic will force IGA to review its ways of doing business : before the explosion in the number of online orders, the grocer is launching IGA essential, a new service offering 150 products in high demand, readily available in home delivery.

Finished the 7, or even 10 days of waiting to receive her basket of groceries ordered via the internet. From noon, Thursday, fruits, vegetables, breads, dairy products, same as hummus and meat pies can be ordered and delivered thanks to a new web site, IGA essential [essentiels.iga.net]. If the service is offered first in the east of Montreal, it should be extended to the entire metropolis, and perhaps even elsewhere in the weeks to come.

“The COVID-19, it has hit hard,” says, in the interview, Carl Pichette, vice-president of marketing for Sobeys in Canada. “We do online trade for the past 20 years and the service is today offered by over 275 stores. But the increase in volume that we saw with the COVID, it is exponential. “

From the warehouse to the fridge

This temporary service will offer 150 products, instead of the 22 000 offered on the regular site. And the orders will be processed not by a clerk at the grocery store in the neighborhood, but directly in a warehouse set up in a few weeks by Sobeys, Mascouche.

The Newspaper was able to visit this huge hangar refrigerated where it will be activated as soon as today, a dozen employees capable of filling up to 500 orders of groceries per day.

These employees will receive the shopping list of the customer, collect the requested items – food and household products – according to a defined order to avoid coming in contact with colleagues, and put in their baskets and refrigerated bags, which are then delivered directly to the home. The staff will be equipped with gloves and face masks, ” says the director of the warehouse, Jean-Pierre Couture.

The whole of the east of the island of Montreal, up the avenue Papineau, will be able to turn to IGA essential. This area was selected because of its high concentration of population. From the 11th of may, the whole island should be served with the addition of a second warehouse in Laval. The service could be extended to other sectors of Quebec if the demand is present, ” says Mr. Pichette. It is the platform canadian Shopify which has been selected by Sobeys to perform this turn.

It is one of the first in canada to Sobeys. The company needs to launch in the spring, in Toronto, his service Here, which will offer online ordering and home delivery of 39, 000 products, including fresh foods, at prices comparable to those of Sobeys and IGA. This must then be launched in Montreal next year, in 2021.

Products popular

Some examples of items sold by IGA essential

  • milk in bags
  • sliced bread
  • peanut butter
  • hot dogs
  • Coca-Cola and Pepsi
  • pork cuts and pre-packaged
  • flour
  • fruits and vegetables pre-packaged (cucumbers, baby carrots, raspberries, apples, etc)
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