A device to promote social distancing

Un appareil pour favoriser la distanciation sociale

A contractor Laval has benefited from the containment to develop a man-portable radar is unique in the world to promote social distancing.

“It had to be simple to use, intuitive, and effective, our system is unique in the world “, ahead of Stéphane Bernier, founder of Pubsphère. The company of Laval is specialized in the manufacturing of booth for companies that participate in trade fairs around the world for almost 20 years.

Mr. Bernier has quickly understood that its industry would be seriously affected by the pandemic, and over several years.

“It is an industry essential for the economy, but the COVID-19 makes our market very difficult,” he said.

While he was confined last April, he had the idea to develop a small, man-portable radar, which would facilitate the resumption of its activities. There are already small electronic systems, which indicate that two people are too close to one another. There must be two devices that communicate. Hers did not need a second device, as it does not detect another device, but a human being.

“It is a technology Lidar. It is like a radar, but it uses the body heat of the person who stands before you, ” says the entrepreneur of 50 years.


He contacted his former colleagues from another company in Boisbriand, seeking their help in the design last April.

“They have managed to make me the algorithms and the product and [it was started] the 29 June “, says Mr. Bernier, in an interview with The Journal.

The latter is hopeful of selling around the world and to re-employ its 35 employees to term.

“Our product sends a small friendly reminder that tells the person who comes to you she gets too close. The distances are easily programmable, ” he says.

The business man states that everything is made in Quebec. “I could get it manufactured in China, I have the contacts. No ! Everything is manufactured here. This is the time we all support “, lance-t-il.

War medal French

The name of his product, Egid, from a medal of the French war, which is given to soldiers who stand out in the protection of their territory. It is a former colleague who now works in marketing at Michelin in France who found the name.

Stéphane Bernier hope that a trader will see the potential and test its technology. “Not only will it demonstrate to its employees that it is in a good “father” to his employees, but it will also demonstrate that it is committed to its customers. We must continue to be vigilant as there will be no real treatment and vaccines, ” he concludes.

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